Dealing with Hypertension: Start the DASH Diet

The DASH Diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) is an example of an eating plan that attempts to lower a person’s blood pressure. How can it achieve that? It’s because the DASH diet consists of less sugar and salt as compared to the typical American diet. It also cuts out on desserts, fats, sweetened beverages, red meats and other processed products.

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The DASH diet only insists on a number of daily servings from different food groups. The number of servings one may require may vary depending on each person’s daily caloric need. Just like any other diets, one should start slowly at the beginning then gradually move up the pace. Here are some tips that you can use in order to start on the DASH diet;

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  1. Make sure to add a serving of veggies during lunch and dinner.
  2. Add one serving of fruit to your meals or make it a snack replacement. Canned fruits as well as dried fruits may be quick and handy to use, just make sure that it doesn’t come with any extra sugars.
  3. When using butter, margarine or even salad dressing, use only half of your typical serving. Use the low-fat variants when it comes to condiments.
  4. Instead of drinking full fat or cream milk, opt for low-fat or skim dairy products instead.
  5. Meat consumed should be limited to 6 ounces per day. Go for more vegetarian meals.
  6. More vegetable incorporated in your diet should do you good.
  7. Instead of snacking on typical salted chips, go for unsalted pretzels, nuts, fat-free yogurt, raw vegetables or unsalted plain popcorn without the butter.
  8. Choose products that are low in sodium content, so make it a habit to read those product labels.

The DASH eating diet, if done and followed correctly can help lower your blood pressure in 14 days even without any decrease in your sodium intake. This diet was proven effective to those people who have pre-hypertension as well as moderate hypertension. For those who have severe hypertension, the DASH diet can help their bodies to respond better with medication. The DASH diet indeed is a good way to control cholesterol, and coupled with exercise and weight loss, it can definitely aid in reducing the risk of developing diabetes for a lot of people.

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