Delicious Foods for Weight Loss

There are a few things in life that can help keep us healthy such as regular exercise, a balanced lifestyle, reduced stress levels and the most important one healthy eating. Though, being the most important one it is one that is highly taken for granted. The conviction that you can counter unhealthy eating with exercise, detoxification or so on is a bad mindset that should be stopped on their tracks. Most people avoid healthy eating with the belief that it is expensive, tasteless and boring.

People that are going through their weight loss journey opt for healthy eating during the process and go back to their regular habits once they shed the weight. If you ask anyone that has gone through this process, they will tell you that the weight comes back as soon as you go back to old eating habits. Eating healthy foods is essential to weight loss and maintenance. The idea that you can’t enjoy food while eating healthy is a complete lie. There is a lot of delicious food that can help you shed off the weight and be completely filled. Healthy weight loss meals don’t have to be boring or tasteless. We’ve researched the top ingredients or substitutes that can help with weight loss and maintenance. These foods are not only healthy; they are also filled with flavor.


Kale may not seem like the most delicious food. When prepared right, it can taste as good as your favorite potato chips. For people that love salty food or snacking on salty chips. Kale is the perfect healthy alternative for you. You can eat kale raw with your salad or make it into delicious baked kale chips. Not only is this a healthier alternative to chips. It is also low in calorie. This is a great snack for weight loss. You can make kale chips a lot tastier by adding in Parmesan cheese or sea salt. This will give kale that flavorful kick. You can also use kale with your recipe use it to substitute rice with your protein.

Spiced Oatmeal

Oatmeal is often prepared for breakfast, but it can be used for lunch and dinners too. Just adding in the right ingredients can make oatmeal into a flavorful and savory meal. This fiber rich food can be easily kept in the fridge and heated up. You can add in spices, fruits, seasoning and more to your oatmeal. Just adjust it to your taste. You can also create delicious fiber rich bars with oatmeal by mixing in honey, dates, chopped fruits and so on. Refrigerate the oatmeal and cut it into bars.

Broth Based Soup

One of the easily prepared and low calorie food is broth based soup. This is a lighter alternative to cream based soup. Cream based soups tend to be unhealthy and filled with sodium or fat. Broth based soup is a great meal for keeping you warm and full. There are different varieties of it. You can even add in healthy ingredients to your broth based soups such as vegetables, protein and spices.


We need protein to keep us filled with energy and give us the optimum result for our workout. Eggs are a great source of protein. You can eat one egg a day and get the perfect amount of protein you need daily. You can prepare it in numerous ways. From boiling, poaching and to some people raw. Try out different healthy recipes with egg. Avoid frying it in fatty oils or adding heavy ingredients such as processed cheese.


Avocado is one of the easiest food to add into your diet. You can eat it as is, make into a guacamole, use it in your sandwich or substitute butter. Avocados are filled with healthy fat and nutrition that can help with your weight loss. You can use avocados as a healthy alternative to fatty dips or spreads.

Lean Beef

Meat is an important part of our diet, especially during weight loss. Lean beef is great for weight loss since it can help keep you filled with energy. The protein will also help your muscles during weight loss. Lean beef can help improve the repair muscles after intense workouts and reduce the chances of injury.

What is the best food on this list? Share with us some of your healthy recipes and tips to eating healthy! Try some of these items the next time you prepare your meal plan. Let us know what other healthy and delicious weight loss foods we’ve missed and why you love them.

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