How to Detox Your Body After Drinking Too Much

Chat, have a glass of cocktail, chat some more, grab one more glass of cocktail, chat a little more, hail a cab — that was your plan last night before you hit the party place. However, apparently you failed to stick to it because now you just woke up with a pounding headache and your stomach feels like it’s upside down.

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In short, the terrible hangover you are having right now is a testament to the fact that not all good plans push through. The best thing that you can do to get over such crisis is to have your body detoxified.

Worry not because detoxifying doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the spa and paying for a bunch of expensive treatments, or rushing to the pharmacy or herbal store to get your hands on a few concoctions. Ridding your body of toxins after a night of heavy drinking can actually be carried out at home with the help of a few simple steps.

Read on if you are regretting last night’s binge drinking and now you want to flush toxins out of your body. Here are some of the things that you may do to detox after drinking more than you originally intended:

Drink Lots and Lots of Water

Alcohol can leave your body dehydrated because it has diuretic properties. This is why you should consume plenty of water to replace all of the fluids your body has lost. Aside from getting your body rehydrated, glugging down water also helps flush out those toxins that are responsible for your hangover.

Have Freshly-Brewed Herbal Tea, Too

It’s also a wonderful idea for you to sip a cup of herbal tea a few times throughout the day. Not only will it help restore proper hydration level, but also introduce antioxidants into your body that can zap poisonous substances. Certain herbal teas like jasmine, chamomile or fennel are also known to help get rid of the symptoms of a hangover.

Snack on Greek Yogurt

One of your organs that can easily end up in shambles after drinking too much alcohol is your stomach. You can have its former glory reinstated by introducing billions of friendly bacteria into it, and such is best done by having a serving of Greek yogurt. It won’t take long before your digestive system is up and running again.

Get Physically Active

While having a hangover can compel you to get back to bed the minute you get out of it, try your best to stay physically active. If you can, exercise moderately by taking a walk or using a stationary bike. Exercising is actually a good detoxifier because it accelerates the removal of toxins you have obtained from drinking glasses and glasses of alcohol.

Avoid Popping a Painkiller in Your Mouth

Try to steer clear of your trusted painkiller if you can. Remember that your liver is still probably busy metabolizing all the alcoholic drinks you glugged down the night before, and it’s not a good idea to take a painkiller or any drug as of the time being — this will only leave your liver overworked, potentially damaging it.

Refrain From Drinking a Cup of Joe

The importance of rehydrating your body after drinking cannot be stressed eniugh. It’s exactly for this reason why it is not a good idea for you to have a cup of coffee because it will only leave you even more dehydrated. Just like your favorite cocktail, coffee possesses diuretic properties, and it can actually worsen hangover symptoms.

Get Some More Sleep

If it’s the weekend and you have no plans with your family and friends, consider getting a few more hours of Z’s. Spending enough time in dreamland gives your body plenty of time to recover from last night’s party. Also, sleeping more enables the energy you have to be employed by your various systems in detoxifying themselves.

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