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Diabetic Foot Infection Home Remedies

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There are many different complications of having diabetes, and one of them includes amputation of the leg. Such has to be done sometimes when serious infections in the lower extremities happen due to poor blood circulation. Since the flow of blood to the lower extremities is hampered, the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the legs is also impeded.

It can be very easy for someone with diabetes to suffer from a foot infection. Sometimes, even a simple cut may end up severely infected, causing it to spread. While there are antibiotics available to have the problem put under control, sometimes success can be elusive. Since there’s poor blood circulation, the delivery of antibiotics to the infected site can be hindered, allowing the infection to progress.

Because of this, localized treatment can be beneficial at times. More and more people with diabetes are also turning to some all-natural solutions that are proven by many to help control an infection, which can be administered directly to where the problem is situated. Some of the most effective ones include:

Manuka Honey

Numerous hospitals use manuka honey in disinfecting wounds due to the fact that it possesses amazing antibacterial properties. Although highly effective for diabetic foot infections, manuka honey doesn’t come cheap — it’s something that comes exclusively from certain types of bees found nowhere else but in New Zealand.

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Aloe Vera Gel

Other than being a wonderful anti-aging solution coming straight from nature, aloe vera gel is also an exceptional fighter of diabetic foot infections. That’s because the gooey substance is actually capable of zapping those infection-causing bacteria. In addition, aloe vera gel also helps soothe pain and inflammation that come with a foot infection.


Everyone knows that ginseng is capable of energizing the body and strengthening the immune system. It’s for this reason why the very popular herb can prove to be very helpful for diabetics. Its superb immune-boosting properties can help the body of a diabetic person win the war against an infection going on in the lower extremities.


There are a number of herbs out there that are effective in controlling diabetes, and one of the most revered ones is astragalus. Aside from the fact that it can regulate blood sugar levels, astragalus can also encourage better circulation as well as a stronger immune system, thus helping to make the fight against diabetic foot infections easier.

Rhubarb Root

Another herb that’s been used for dealing with infections for so many years now by traditional healers is rhubarb root. There are a couple of reasons why rhubarb root is highly effective against diabetic foot infection — one of them is due to the herb’s antimicrobial properties, and the other one is its ability to control inflammation.

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Caffeinated Drinks

Since the root cause of a diabetic foot infection is an impeded blood circulation, the consumption of something that has caffeine in it can help promote healing as it can actually encourage better circulation. However, it’s very important for someone with diabetes to steer clear of any caffeinated beverage that contains excessive amounts of sugar.

Zinc-Rich Foods

According to medical experts, zinc is a nutrient that helps in making the immune system strong. Those who are suffering from diabetic foot infections should include plenty of zinc-rich foods in their diet. Some excellent examples are beef, lamb, seafood, nuts, seeds, spinach, amaranth leaves and wheat germ.

Magnesium-Containing Foods

One more mineral that is known to help in bolstering the immune system is magnesium. It’s exactly for this reason why someone who is suffering from diabetes should regularly consume magnesium-rich foods. Some great examples include dark leafy green vegetables like kale and Swiss, chards, nuts, seeds, avocados, bananas, lentils and fish.

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