Did You Know That There are Different Types of Insomnia?

Most people think that insomnia is what you call having a hard time falling asleep at night. Not too many people know that insomnia is also the name used to refer to being roused from sleep several times throughout the night, and also waking up earlier than usual and failing to go back to sleep.

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So basically, insomnia is all about failure to get a good night’s sleep, thus keeping you from feeling rested and recharged the following day.

Are you aware that there are different types of insomnia? One is differentiated from the other based on the cause.

Knowing which type you are suffering from can help you deal with insomnia much better. If you can identify the culprit behind your nightly problem, then you will find it easier to attain much-needed relief.

Here’s a quick look at some of the different types of insomnia:

Acute Insomnia

Sometimes also referred to as short-term insomnia or adjustment insomnia, it’s something that is brought about by stress, which could be anything from moving to a new house, getting married or being fired from one’s job. And when the cause of stress goes away, so does this type of insomnia.

Psychophysiological Insomnia

According to experts, Psychophysiological insomnia is one of the most common types of insomnia. It’s brought about by excessive worrying about not being able to get a good night’s sleep and also suffering from its repercussions. Put simply, the more you worry about your insomnia, the more insomniac you become.

Idiopathic Insomnia

When doctors cannot find anything that could be causing a person’s trouble with sleeping, the name idiopathic insomnia is used. Commonly, it’s the kind of insomnia that starts from childhood and continues until adulthood.

Unspecified Insomnia

But when a doctor believes that the root cause of your insomnia can be pinned down with further testing, he or she may refer to your problem as unspecified insomnia. It’s something that can be organic (caused by a problem that’s taking place in your body) or inorganic (caused by something outside your body).

Insomnia Due to a Substance

Some OTC and prescription medications can cause insomnia as one of the unfavorable side effects. Aside from drugs, there are also certain substances that can leave you with insomnia. One very good example is caffeine. Another is alcohol — it can make you fall asleep alright, but the kind of sleep you get is of poor quality.

Insomnia Due to a Medical Condition

There are problems with mental as well as physical health that can cause insomnia. Needless to say, the treatment for this kind of insomnia is dealing with the medical condition that is causing it.

Paradoxical Insomnia

You are actually getting some sleep but you feel that you are not getting any — that’s what paradoxical insomnia is all about basically. People who suffer from it report that they are getting very little sleep each night, and that they are aware of what’s happening around them.

No matter which type of insomnia you believe you are suffering from, it’s a good idea to let your doctor know about it. If he or she deems that you should seek the help of a sleep specialist, then you may be referred to one.

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