Different Hairstyle Lengths

One of the few things that we all experience at one point in our life is deciding whether we should change our hairstyle length. It is common for people to sport the same hair style length for a long period. We grow accustomed to a certain hair length for so long that going anything shorter or longer seem like a huge step. Certain hair lengths are better for some face shapes. If you want to explore the possibility of changing your hair length, read on.

Breaking It Down

There are different hair lengths and you can categorize it into five. The boyish short, typically close to boy haircuts. The Ear Length, this hair length is just above and over the ears. Chin Length, haircuts that are just below or above the chin. Shoulder Length, hair that is just above or below the shoulder. The last is the Very Long, this hairstyle can be above the bra line to the longest possible hair length you can think of.

The Boyish Short

This hair length is considered boyish due to the inspiration that it has come from the boyish type haircuts. Though, this type of haircuts can still appear feminine id styled right. This can be extremely short and cropped. Famous versions of this are the short Pixie cuts that were all the rage a few years back. A lot of women love this type of hair length due its ability to give focus on the face. It is low maintenance and is perfect for hear shaped or oval shaped face. People that have long faces should avoid this type of hair lengths since it can elongate the face further. People that have round shaped faces should stray away from boyish hair lengths that are too short. This can make the face appear rounder and fuller.

The Ear Length

This type of haircut is incredibly versatile. It can help cover unwanted areas, add more texture to the hair, help with wave patterns, reduce density and control volume. This hairstyle is open to adaptations. You can ask for an ear length hairstyle that can cover the ears or accentuate it. You can also opt for a version of this that can thicken the hair or make it appear thinner. The key to this hair length is understanding the right haircut for your face shape. Haircuts that are blunt can make it appear thicker. Asymmetrical haircuts can bring angles to round shaped faces. Lots of layers can give volume to flat hair. Before going for an  ear length hair length consider your features. Ask your stylist about the right haircut and don’t go short in the heat of the moment.

The Chin Length

The chin length hair is great when it comes to accentuating and hiding features. Round shaped faces can use chin length asymmetrical cuts to give more angles to the face. People with wider foreheads can use chin length hair to balance out the symmetry of the upper and lower portion of the face. Chin length hair is great for any face shape, but it is best for people that have small faces to avoid it. Chin length hair can make it appear a lot smaller.

The Shoulder Length

Shoulder length hair is one of the most used hair length. This is because of its versatility. You can create different styles, texture and versions of this hair length. It can work with any hair type and face shape. The only thing that can make this hair length unflattering is when it is cut the wrong way. So, consider the best haircut for your features before cutting your hair.

The Very Long

The very long hair length is tricky. People that have thin hair or have features that are easily overpowered should avoid this hair length. It can be styled easily, but it takes a lot to manage. If you want to sport this hair length just know that it takes a lot of commitment to maintain this hair length. Hair that tends to be very long are prone to split ends and damage.

Hair typically grows 0.5 inches every month. So, if you ever consider going short consider that to maintain this hair cut you will need to get a haircut every two months. Still, know that hair grows out. You can experiment with different hair lengths and see which one works for you and which one you should avoid. Have fun with your hair and don’t be afraid to try something new.

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