Different Ways to Deal with Nose Hair

Your nose hair serves as your first line of defense against particles in the air. It also warms up and humidifies the air you breathe for the benefit of the rest of your respiratory system. Oh, and hair in your nose can also ruin your selfies — in particular if it gets out of control!

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Because of the important roles played by your nose hair, it’s not really a good idea to get rid of all of it. What you need to do is keep it out of sight either by having it trimmed or by plucking out the excess. Below you will find different ways to keep your mug free of attention-grabbing nose hair.

Grab a Pair of Scissors

First things first: it’s a good idea to reach for a pair of small scissors, the kind that’s intended for trimming nose hair in order to save yourself from an unfortunate accident. Also, make sure that you do this nose hair removal method in front of a mirror — and with ample lighting!

So how do you effectively get rid of nose hair that tends to make an unwelcome appearance with a small pair of scissors? Press down on the tip of your nose and put on your widest smile, and then start trimming.

Invest in a Nose Hair Trimmer

Just like what the name suggests, a nose hair trimmer is a tool that’s specifically designed to keep the hair in your nose tidy. These days, you can choose between a manual and battery-operated nose hair trimmer.

What’s so nice about the manual kind of nose hair trimmer is it doesn’t make a buzzing sound so it’s discreet — you can trim your nose hair without letting anyone else on the bus or airplane know about it. On the other hand, a battery-operated nose hair trimmer works faster and with minimal effort on your part — you just have to insert the tip in your nostril to say bye-bye to unruly nose hair.

Use an Appropriate Electric Shaver Attachment

One of the most indispensable personal grooming tools for self-conscious men and women alike is an electric shaver. These days, there are electric shavers that come with nose hair trimming attachments, saving consumers from the need to buy separate devices for getting rid of body hair and nose hair.

Just like a battery-operated nose hair trimmer, an electric shaver with a nose hair trimming attachment can get the job done in no time. So what’s the downside? An electric shaver, especially a high quality one, does not really come cheap. Also, using it is not really the most inconspicuous method to groom one’s nasal area.

Tweeze in a Breeze

A pair of tweezers is readily available, plus it does come cheap. In fact, you may already have it in your grooming or first aid kit, allowing you to easily get rid of any peeking nose hair.

However, tweezing doesn’t come without a few downsides. First, it can really make your eyes water and even make you sneeze. If your tolerance for pain is really low, it’s not unlikely for you to scream a chain of expletives each time you pull out that nasty nose hair.

Second, the use of a pair of tweezers may put you at risk of an infection. When the open pores inside your nose left behind by tweezing gets invaded by bacteria, they may actually end up infected.

Undergo Nose Hair Waxing

If you think that waxing is only good for the legs, chest, back and bikini area, think again. These days, you may also choose to have your nostrils waxed to get rid of unwanted nose hair!

But just tweezing, nose hair waxing can be a painful way to eliminate nose hair. Just imagine that hot wax will be applied inside your nose and then quickly pulled off, taking with it your nose hair. What’s more, such service that can be obtained at a beauty salon or spa comes with a price tag.

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