DIY Beauty Products

Creating your own beauty products is not as difficult as you think. We all believe in personal care. We invest a lot of time and money to keep ourselves looking good and healthy. Though, using this product consistently can be incredibly expensive. We as new age consumers believe in the idea that products do not have to be expensive to be effective. Combine this with the idea of going chemical free and you got yourself a base for a DIY project. All you need is creativity, basic knowledge of different beauty products, ingredients and a clean space. So, get yourself prepped and try out some of this simple beauty product recipes.

Eye Liner

One of the easiest recipes on the list. This is a one ingredient recipe for a DIY eyeliner. All you need for this recipe is activated charcoal. This is an all-natural ingredient that you can acquire in health food stores and pharmacies. This is used to remove toxins in the body, reduce stomach aches and reduce gas. You’ll also be needing water or eye lid primer and your choice of eyeliner brush. Start by emptying the activated charcoal capsule in a clean container. Dip your brush in water and slightly remove the excess water and apply. If you tend to sweat a lot or have oily skin. Dip your brush in your eyelid primer and apply.

Body Scrub

Most of the body scrubs on the market claim to be a hundred percent all natural. However, most of these items contain polyethylene. This can be can be bad for the environment. Other ingredients such as preservatives, fragrances and sulfates are used in this type of product that can at times cause skin irritation. You can create your DIY body scrub with items you can find in your kitchen pantry. Start by getting a clean bowl and add in a quarter cup of any oil you like (olive oil, baby oil and so on), 1/4 cup of brown sugar, ¼ cup of salt and a few drops of essential oil. Mix everything together and apply on your skin. You can refrigerate this for about a week or more. If you have problems with eczema or, sensitive skin or eczema and use twice the amount of sugar.

Honey Face Wash

This all natural facial wash may not have the suds you’d like, but it is great for cleansing and moisturizing the face. This recipe is great for all skin types and can be used daily. Start this recipe by mixing together a tablespoon of raw honey and half a tablespoon of baking soda. Damp your face with lukewarm water and massage the mixture on your skin. Wait for a few minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water. The honey can help moisturize and cleanse the face. The baking soda acts as a gentle exfoliant for the skin. These are gentle ingredients that are cheap and prevent skin irritation.

Shave Oil

Skip the shaving cream and opt for all natural shaving oil. This mixture is great for keeping the skin smooth and reduce the chances of ingrown hair. Start this recipe by adding two of your favorite oils such as argan, jojoba, coconut and olive. Massage the mixture on the are you plan to shave and leave it on for a few minutes before shaving. This will help soften the dead skin cells and allow for a deeper shave. Remember to use skin compatible oils to prevent clogging or breakouts. You can store this for about a week and toss it out when the texture changes.


Creating a replica of your favorite perfume is close to impossible, but it is possible to create a scent specifically made for your taste. All you need it the right ingredient. Look through different essential oil such as lavender, vanilla, cedar, citrus and so on. Pick ones that you like the most. Take an airtight container and a bit of vodka. Take about half a cup of vodka, a little bit of water and a few drops of essential oil. Mix this ingredient together and keep it tight for about a day. The scent may change in a few days. You can add in water or more essential oil to alter the smell. You can tweak the recipe if you want to change the scent. Have fun with experimenting and find out which essential oils work together.

These recipes are easy to do and can be stored. You can create your own variety of these recipes. Which of these have you done before? Share with us, your personal DIY beauty product recipes.

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