DIY Fruit Infused Water Recipes to Try

Drinking water is a must, there is no doubt about that. But there are times when you wish that you can drink something more interesting and healthy at the same time. Well, you’re in luck because fruit infused water is now taking the health industry by storm. Just imagine adding your favorite fruits to your drinking water and getting all the nutrients that they contain every time you drink a glass of it. It’s fun, it’s nourishing, and it will keep you hydrated for sure. Here are a few fruit infused water recipes that you should definitely try.

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  • Strawberry mint water. If you are looking for a robust flavor that will keep you wide awake, try the strawberry mint water. It’s really simple to make. All that you have to do is to slice some strawberries and add them to your water then get a few mint leaves and add them to your drink. You can tear the leaves a bit to release their flavor.
  • Fat flush drink. Who said that drinking water can’t help you flush out your fats? This drink is designed to help you remove those excess fats in your body, raise your energy levels, and hydrate your body. You will need to slice one tangerine, one grapefruit, one cucumber, as well as 20 peppermint leaves and add them in a pitcher of water. Leave the ingredients overnight. You should drink a glass before each meal.
  • Watermelon basil water. Another fruit infused drink that you should definitely try out is the one with watermelon and basil in it. When the warm weather arrives you’re probably thinking of eating some watermelon to cool you down. Well, combining watermelon wedges with basil in your pitcher of water will definitely give your drink a good color plus you will be able to absorb the nutrients that these two have every time you drink it.
  • Cucumber, lemon, and lime drink. Suffering from poor digestion? Combining slices of lemon, lime, and cucumber in a pitcher of water is guaranteed to help your digestion work more efficiently. You should drink a glass before a meal so that your food will be processed properly.
  • Mojito water. No, this is not the one you drink during happy hour as it is devoid of any alcohol content. What it does have is mint and lots and lots of lime. The combination is going to give your water that light but tart taste plus it won’t leave you hungover.
  • Cucumber lemon detox water. Drinking water is guaranteed to help flush out toxins from your body but if you really want to do a detox, combine cucumber and lemon in a pitcher of water. Throw in some mint leaves for a refreshing taste to your drink and to speed up the cleansing process of your digestive system as well.

 There is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy drinking water especially when you can try these fruit-infused waters. Start slicing up those fruits and mix them with your water and feel refreshed in no time.

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