Do These 4 Activities Daily to Make Your Brain Stronger

Feeling like your brain is not working to its full capacity, leaving you having a hard time coming up with a new marketing strategy or solving a management dilemma? There are actually a few activities that you may incorporate into your daily life to keep this setback from bugging you.

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In fact, there are a total 4 of them to choose from. You may pick only some but doing all of them is definitely a much better idea. All of these activities are scientifically proven to strengthen your brain and give it a boost. Think of your brain as a muscle which needs to be exercised, nourished and given plenty of rest in order to become brawny.

Do Cardio Exercises
Exercising is good for the brain because it helps improve blood flow to the said organ, thus supplying it with all the nutrients and oxygen it needs for optimum health and functioning. You may opt for just about any cardiovascular exercise that you love, but experts recommend something like walking, running or bicycling.

Want to know why? That’s because all of these forms of exercises allows you to engage your brain too, such as when deciding which direction you should take or where you should go next. Carrying out these mental tasks while you are performing the said exercises actually helps create new connections in your brain, boosting its power.

Learn Something New
Your brain needs to be used to keep it sharp. It’s not like shoes or car tires that end up worn out the more they are used. That is why spending a few hours a week to learning something new can be beneficial for your noodle. It is a good idea for you to master a new skill — speaking a language, learning a particular dance type or playing a musical instrument.

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When you try to learn something new, you are exercising your brain and causing it to come up with new connections that will surely come in handy each time you require lots of brain brawn. The nicest thing about this approach is it also keeps your mind preoccupied, something highly beneficial for the brain too (which will be discussed below).

De-clutter Your Mind
Stress can definitely take its toll on your brain, diminishing its capacity to learn new things, retain and recall details, and produce something creative. That is why one of the 4 activities that can make your noodle stronger is momentarily clearing your mind, and such can be done effectively by de-cluttering it.

Meditating is something beneficial for an organ that functions all the time most especially during your waking hours. This is something you can do for a few minutes even while at the office and stuck in the middle of a rut. Doing yoga, listening to music, writing in your journal, composing a poem and sniffing an essential oil all helps in de-cluttering your mind.

Nourish Your Brain
Aside from exercising and relaxing your brain, it’s also very important to have it supplied with the nutrients it requires. A couple of the things your noodle needs are omega-3 fatty acids and flavonoids, which are basically plant pigments with powerful antioxidant properties. These nutrients are known to optimize your brain health and functioning.

You really don’t have to pop a pill in your mouth just to provide your brain with these nutrients. You can obtain omega-3 fatty acids from food sources such as eggs, walnuts, flaxseeds, tofu, soybeans, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, beef, shrimp and fatty fish like sardines and salmon. When it comes to flavonoids, some of the best sources include dark chocolate, coffee, berries, apples, oranges, onions, tomatoes, romaine lettuce and chili peppers.

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