Do You Wash Your Hair Daily? Here Are 7 Reasons It’s Doing More Harm Than Good

Do you have a habit of washing your hair every single day? Sometimes twice a day? Can’t stand second day grease hair? I’m telling you now, stop. It has always been advised to wash your hair only 3 times a week for a reason. As much as you want to clean your hair every day, this is causing more harm than good.

Here are different reasons why you shouldn’t wash your hair every day:

Removes Natural Oils:
Washing your hair everyday removes natural oils in the hair and scalp. These natural oils are produce by the body to protect and enhance the scalp and hair. By washing it out every day you prevent it from doing its job, this can cause dry scalp and damage hair.

Hair Color Fading:
Washing your hair everyday removes hair color from your hair. If you like to color your hair, prevent washing them every day. Not doing so will remove the colors from your hair daily. People who like to color their hair in red or blue undertones should only wash their hair three times a week or less to maintain their hair color.

Greasy Hair:
Greasy hair is a good thing! A little grease in the hair makes it easier to style. If you tend to curl your hair and notice that it straightens after a few hours with hairspray, then you might need some grease in them. The grease helps the hair to form and give it volume.

Frizzy and Dry Hair:
Natural oils give your hair its shine and keeps the cuticle of the hair intact. Without the hairs natural oils, you are more prone to flyaway, dry and untamable hair.

Washing your hair every day is unnecessary. You are using water, shampoo and conditioner everyday on your hair. Save money by limiting your consumption and washing less.

Can cause Buildup:
Washing your hair and using conditioner everyday can cause buildup. Products you use in your hair everyday like mousse or wax can make your hair heavy and greasy, but shampooing it every day can also cause the product to buildup. The residue that is left behind after washing can remain in the hair and applying on conditioner makes the hair heavier.

Washing your hair every day also means blow drying, curling or straightening it every day. Prevent heat damage by washing less and second day curls looks too amazing to wash out.

Stick to a four times or three times a week hair washing. Washing your hair will dry it out and make it more prone to damage. If you naturally excrete too much oil in your hair check out some great dry shampoo products.

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