Don’t Fall Ill: Tips on Staying Healthy This Fall

Traditionally, fall is a time for harvest as it’s when most fruits and vegetables ripen. Despite of the superabundance of fresh produce during this part of the year, a lot of people are actually prone to being under the weather. One of the reasons for such is the looming winter months — fall days tend to become colder and colder. Those beautiful summer days are just over, and most people no longer feel like being physically active. Halloween is a contributor, too — all those sweets can definitely make one’s health terrible and the waistline horrible.

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Luckily, staying in the pink of health is rather easy amidst all the lovely warm colors of fall. Use the following tips in order to ensure that you remain happy and in a great shape throughout the season:


Consume Seasonal Fruits

One of the many beautiful things about fall is there are simply lots of ripe produce available. It’s for sure that your favorite grocery store and local farmers’ market will be filled with lovely-colored fruits and vegetables. Including them in your daily diet can help ward off anything that can slow you down this time of the year.

It’s no secret that fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants — you need these to have your immune system strengthened during the season of all sorts of allergies and infections. Online, you can easily come across an assortment of traditional fall recipes that can make every mealtime healthy and exciting. It’s a wonderful idea for you to serve more warm and hearty dishes to protect you from the cold.

Numerous fruits and vegetables readily available this fall are also loaded with fiber. As you may already know, fiber is an indigestible type of protein that helps keep you regular. In other words, it helps stave off constipation, something that may strike in fall as your physical activity decreases since those gorgeous sunny days are over.


Drink Plenty of Fluids

The frigid and parched air can easily leave your skin dry. It’s also something that can have an unfavorable effect on your airways. This is exactly the reason why you have to make sure that you are drinking enough water on a daily basis. Just because you are no longer perspiring as much as back in summer doesn’t mean you should drink less water.

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You can also increase your overall intake of fluids by juicing! Since fall is a time for harvest, there are so many types of fresh produce that you may juice. Experimenting with different combos allows you to whip up beverages that are not only exciting and refreshing, but also dense in nutrients. If you have been thinking about welcoming healthy juicing into your life, the perfect time to do so is during fall.


Stay Away from Sweet Stuff

Halloween is undeniably fun and festive, and it happens only once a year. Who would not want to revel in the unique charm that only the night of October 31st has? The bad news about Halloween is it’s overflowing of sweets.

Everyone knows that refined sugar negatively affects the health in a staggering number of ways. Other than excess amounts of it can surely make your waistline grow large, it’s also something that can cause inflammation — and it is linked to a number of health problems, ranging from diabetes to heart disease.

Make sure that all those sweet goodies won’t go past your lips. If fighting off the urge is really challenging, do your best to keep your consumption of sweets in moderation. Pack your pantry and fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables, and reach for them each time you feel hungry rather than those refined sugar-packed treats.


Remain Physically Active

You may no longer feel like leading an active lifestyle now that the glorious summer days are gone and the frigid weather is here. There is definitely no room for a sedentary lifestyle this season as it will only make you more defenseless against those disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

Make sure that you still get your regular dose of exercise this fall to keep your heart, lungs, immune system and figure in top-top shape. Nature boasts of gorgeous colors this time of the year, and it’s a wonderful idea for you to engage in outdoor activities such as brisk walking, jogging and bicycling.

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