Drinking This Will Help You Burn Up to 500 Extra Calories a Week

Want to magically zap 500 calories every week? Then all you have to do is consume a particular drink. No, it’s not one of those magic weight loss drinks that you have to prepare using all sorts of special tools and secret ingredients — it’s something that is backed by pieces of scientific evidence.

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You don’t really have to comb the internet or your entire city just to come across this 500 calorie-busting beverage. Also, there is no need for you to shell out a huge sum of cash. The drink being talked about is easily accessible — all there is to do is head to your kitchen and guzzle it. It’s water!

Read a little further before you dismiss this article to be one of those clickbait posts on the internet wanting everyone’s attention and offering nothing valuable in return. In fact, scientists are the ones who say that something as simple as drinking water can help wipe out up to 500 calories on a weekly basis.

Here are the science-backed reasons why:

  • It speeds up your metabolism. As soon as you gulp down water, your body springs into action — it will do anything and everything in its power to make the temperature of water that you just consumed to match that of your body’s. This calls for the use of calories, resulting in the acceleration of the metabolic rate. Everyone knows that a slow metabolism can make losing weight a real challenge. Drinking cold water can make your metabolism run at a much faster rate.
  • It helps lift your mood. Did you know that dehydration is something that can make you feel depressed? We are all aware of the fact that feeling down can spawn the emotional eaters in all of us, which leaves us looking for comfort in food — particularly unhealthy ones such as ice cream, lasagna, muffins and chips. By drinking water, you can keep your brain from ending up dehydrated, thus saving you from reaching for unhealthy goodies for some happiness.
  • It encourages you to exercise more. Another downside to dehydration is it leaves you feeling weak, which can then keep you from having the drive and energy to get your regular dose of exercise — an integral component to effective weight loss. Drinking plenty of water can help improve your performance while working out. Compared to those sugar-laden energy drinks, water contains absolutely no calorie, which makes it the perfect workout companion.
  • It saves you from consuming other drinks. Much of your daily calories come from stuff that you glug down — from iced tea, caramel latte to soda. Again, water is absolutely devoid of calories. In other words, you can drink lots of it and still not worry about sabotaging your waistline. So the next time you are craving your go-to sweet beverage, try reaching for and consuming a tall glass of water first. In just a few minutes, your thirst for any other drink will be gone.
  • It makes you eat less during mealtimes. There’s really no need for you to pop an appetite-suppressing pill in your mouth just to curb your appetite — all you have to do is consume 2 glasses of water a few minutes before sitting at the table to eat. According to a study, participants who took a total of 16 ounces of water half an hour before mealtime consumed less food (and lost a total of 3 pounds in a span of 12 weeks) compared to those who didn’t.

These are the reasons, according to scientists, why something as simple as drinking water can help you get rid of up to 500 calories per week. Especially if you pair regular water consumption with healthy eating habits and regular exercise, you can definitely see those unwanted pounds go away.

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