Drinks Ideal for Pregnant Women

Are you on the family way? If so, you have to be extra careful with what you eat and drink. Anything that goes down your throat can have an impact not only on the growing baby in your belly but also your own health.

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Certainly, pregnancy calls for the avoidance of sodas (regular or diet) and alcoholic beverages. Fret not because you got so many other choices that are not only refreshing but good for you as well as your little bundle of joy. Guzzling down the following allows you to quench your thirst, nourish the body and prevent complications during your pregnancy:

Needless to say, you should drink sufficient amounts of water whether or not you are expecting a baby. Consuming 8 to 12 glasses of water on a daily basis helps increase your blood volume and flush out toxins in the body. Also, lots of water can help ward off constipation, a problem commonly shared by pregnant women.

Infused Water
Bored of drinking plain water? Opt for the kind that’s infused with all sorts of fruits instead! Infused water is not only delicious but also nutritious. Simple slice some fruits of your liking — lemons, apples, kiwis, strawberries, etc. — and place them in a pitcher. Fill with water and stash in the fridge. Drink once chilled.

Vegetable Juices
It’s virtually impossible to run out of something interesting to drink each and every time as there are lots of vegetables around that you may juice. It’s no secret that vegetables are packed with fiber that is good for your heart and gut. Guzzling down vegetable juices helps ward off high blood pressure and constipation.

Fruit Juices
The kinds of fruit juices that are perfect for a pregnant women like you are the ones you make at home, not those that come in boxes or plastic bottles which contain artificial flavorings and colorants, and loads of sugar. Every serving of 100% fruit juice is packed with vitamins and minerals that you and your baby can benefit from. Mix different kinds of fruits each time to come up with a healthy, refreshing and unique-tasting drink!

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This all-time favorite beverage is also good for women on the family way. Aside from vitamin C that lemonade is loaded with, this drink also contains small amounts of iron. Especially if your doctor has prescribed iron supplements, taking them with lemonade actually helps in their proper absorption.

Coconut Water
Guzzling down this well-loved tropical beverage is very good at hydrating your cells and supplying them with electrolytes. As you may have read or heard somewhere, coconut water is very similar to your blood plasma. This is the reason why it helps in increasing your blood volume as well as regulating your blood pressure.

Fresh Milk
You certainly need lots of protein, calcium and vitamin B12 while you are pregnant. An excellent source of both nutrients is fresh milk! A glass of this super healthy drink is also teeming with sodium and magnesium. If gaining lots of weight is a concern, opting for low- or non-fat milk is a great idea.

Milk-Based Drinks
Aside from milk, you may also benefit from the consumption of milk-based drinks. One good example is buttermilk which also contains much of the nutrients found in milk. You may also opt for shakes and smoothies, but make sure they are the kinds made in your own kitchen to ensure that you are not consuming anything you don’t need.

Iced Tea
Especially if you’re bugged by morning sickness, having a glass of iced tea can work wonders. It’s also a refreshing way to make sure that your fluid intake on a daily basis is superb. However, since iced tea contains caffeine, see to it that you limit your daily intake of this beverage.

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