Dry Shampoo: Bringing Lifeless Hair Back To Life Without The Suds

Recently, you head out to your favorite beauty store to buy your personal grooming necessities, when you suddenly noticed a shelf filled with bottle of dry shampoo. You were surprised to know that such product exist. Out of curiosity, you checked this product over the Internet to know what this product all about. Upon pressing the search button, you discovered the hype it has created as a lot of beauty articles, product reviews and blog reviews have featured this seemingly interesting product.

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What is dry shampoo and what does it do to your hair? Why is this product coined as “dry shampoo”?

Well, you will be amazed that dry shampoo has been in existence since 1970s. The older formulation made hair appear chalky that’s why it disappeared in the beauty scene for some time. With an improved formulations, this product is making a comeback in the hair styling scene.

Currently, these starch or silica-based formulas are gaining back its popularity as many women are taking advantage of this hair product. Dry shampoo is designed to draw moisture away from the hair. It is a powder, either starch- or talc-based that absorbs excess oil from the locks to eliminate greasy look. It also gives a longer life to most hairstyles.

Dry shampoo comes in either spray or powder format. Both formats do the same function, which is to soak up excess oil. However, according to professional hair expert, spray dry shampoos soak up the oil a little better. If you are sensitive to scents and other particles come from air, use powder version of dry shampoo.

Many hair stylists and experts claim that excessive washing of your hair can strip away healthy oils, leading to dry and damaged tresses. To refrain from too much shampooing, comes the resurgence of dry shampoo. This product is used in between washes especially if you are trying to lengthen the life of your hair’s blow out. Likewise, this product is a great time saver because you don’t need to shower your hair every day. This is also helpful during situations when water is not readily available i.e. camping or overnight outdoor activities. It is called dry shampoo because you don’t need to soak your hair to water and sudsy shampoo to cleanse your hair.

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Why women of today are bent from using this hair product quick fix? Here are the most common reasons they reveal.

  1. It is a great time saver.
  2. It decreases the amount of heat used to your hair, making your hair softer and fewer split ends.
  3. Because you don’t go for wet shampooing that often, it retains hair’s natural oils, making your tresses appear shinier.
  4. It retains your hair color. If you have colored-treated hair, you will benefit from using dry shampoo as it dries out oils on your hair but not the natural oils present in your scalp.
  5. It gives extra hair volume. Who doesn’t want it anyway?

Now that we know what this product is for and the reasons why it is making a comeback, let’s identify the do’s and don’ts in using dry shampoo.


  1. Spray dry shampoo at least six inches away from the roots. That distance will lightly and evenly distribute the product preventing possible buildup.
  2. Wait for the product to absorb before styling your hair. Give your dry shampoo time to absorb on your locks for about two minutes. This time is enough for the product to absorb well on your tresses.
  3. Use this on your roots and ends to add a modern matte texture.


  1. Don’t spray this hair product on damp or wet hair. It is called dry shampoo for a reason.
  2. Don’t use it in excess. Excessive use will leave your with dry and flaky scalp. The longest time you should go without washing your hair is twice a week. After third use, it is time to shampoo it with water.
  3. Don’t worry having dry shampoo on the mid-shaft. It provides extra hold to the hair, provides hair volume and decreases too-soft feel of a fine hair.

To keep the sweet smelling scent of fresh and clean hair, it is suggested that after using dry shampoo, add few drops of essential oil like eucalyptus, peppermint or grapefruit to your fingertips, then run it gently over your hair.

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