Early Morning Sore Throat: Common Causes and Home Remedies

Nothing can be more rejuvenating than having a good night’s sleep. However, waking up with a throat that feels dry and painful can easily ruin your early morning.

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Worry not because, according to experts, an early morning sore throat is usually nothing serious. However, it doesn’t mean that it won’t cause you to have a terrible mood!

There are many different reasons why your throat can be sore upon waking up, and there are also various home remedies for it. Some of the best can be found below.

Let us first check out some of the common causes of an early morning sore throat:

Acid reflux

Were you diagnosed with acid reflux? Then there’s a huge possibility that it’s the one that is leaving your throat achy every morning. Acid reflux can cause stomach acid to reach your throat while you are lying in bed for several hours, and it’s something that can definitely leave your throat irritated and swollen.


If you are told time and again that you snore really loudly, it’s most likely the culprit behind your early morning sore throat. Because your mouth tends to be open as you spend time in dreamland, your throat can become excessively dry. This can leave it feeling achy in the morning.


Speaking of excessive dryness of the throat, another very common cause of a sore throat in the morning is the failure to drink plenty of water the day before. If it seems like you are not consuming about 2 liters or 8 glasses of water a day, it’s most likely that dehydration is the one to blame.

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Dry air

Similarly, sleeping in a room where the air is extremely cold and dry can leave your throat parched, causing you to wake up the following day with a pesky sore throat. While asleep, you are breathing in air that is devoid of moisture, and this is something that can cause your throat to become dry and irritated.

An upper respiratory tract infection

Do you have the common cold or flu? Then don’t be surprised if you wake up in the morning with a bad case of sore throat in the morning. Experts say that having allergies can also put you at risk of suffering from an early morning sore throat.

Now let’s take a look at some of the best home remedies for an early morning sore throat:

Put acid reflux under control

If you are quite certain that your acid reflux is the one to blame, then it’s important to manage this problem. See a doctor so that you may be prescribed with the right drugs. Also, avoid having large meals before bedtime, most especially those that are greasy and spicy.

Seek the help of a sleep specialist

Snoring not only causes an early morning sore throat, but it can also put your health in some form of danger. You see, snoring can be a symptom of sleep apnea, a sleep problem that causes cessation in breathing while you are catching some Z’s.

Drink lots of water

Throughout the day, make sure that your body is properly hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Put a glass of water on your nightstand so you may take sips of water throughout the night. Also, it’s a wonderful idea for you to install a humidifier in your bedroom to save you from breathing in dry air.

Take plenty of rest

If you are suffering from the common cold or flu, make sure that you take a lot of rest to speed up the healing process, thus putting an end to your bout of early morning sore throats. If your symptoms persist for over a week, consider paying a doctor a visit.

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