Earthing and Its Benefits

People nowadays are suffering from minor illnesses and diseases that we often think that we need to medicine to get us back in good shape. Unfortunately, taking medications can lead to upset stomach, mood swings, compromised immune system and so much more. How then will you be able to bring back your good health without the use of medications? Well, if you have noticed that going to the beach or getting in touch with nature during hikes has improved your mood then this is exactly what you need. Earthing is basically any activity that lets you get in contact with the ground. It may be something simple as walking barefoot outside, feeling the sand on the beach between your toes, and even dipping your feet in a pool in the forest. What’s important is that your skin comes in contact with the earth to reap its benefits.

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Earthing helps remove the positive electrons or the free radicals that tend to build up in our body over time. The free radicals present in our body can actually cause damage to our skin cells which can be dangerous when left alone. Earthing, on the other hand, has the ability to pull out the free radicals that are forming in our bodies the more we let our skin touch the ground.  There have been studies that show the benefits of doing earthing from time to time when it comes to caring for our overall health. Here are a few known benefits that you might want to take advantage of.

Reduces inflammation and pain

One of the best benefits of doing earthing is that it can actually relieve you of any inflammation and even pain. There have been studies conducted on individuals who are suffering from chronic back pain that experienced relief after a few days of doing earthing. So the next time you feel out of sorts or are feeling any pain inside of you, taking a quick detour into the forest to walk barefoot on the earth or spend a weekend at the beach can help rejuvenate you.

It delivers plenty of electrons

Our immune system requires fresh supply of electrons for it to be able to combat various diseases. Thanks to earthing, you will be able to acquire more electrons that will enhance your immune system. This is important in keeping your body in the best of health as your immune system is providing you protection against minor to major illnesses.

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Minimizes stress levels

When you do earthing, you will find that the amount of cortisol in your body is reduced significantly. Cortisol is the one responsible for triggering stress response and it can also help regulate your blood sugar. It is also known to fight off inflammation, normalize your metabolism, and even support formulation of memory.

It synchronizes your biorhythms

What else can earthing do for you? How about synchronize your biorhythm? This includes your cardiac rhythm as well as your sleep rhythm. With earthing, you will be able to bring your heart rhythm back to normal. And if you have been suffering from insomnia lately, you will find that this method can actually make you sleep better after a days of reconnecting with the earth.

Boosts circulation

With our sedentary lifestyle, our blood is not able to circulate very much. This means that we often suffer from lack of oxygen in certain parts of our body. Earthing can actually help improve blood circulation so that there will be more oxgyen being transferred to different parts of your body. You will find that your skin will look better and that your overall health has improved because your organs are functioning.

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