Easy Baked Parsnip Chip Recipe

These days, more and more vegetable chips are showing up on the shelves of many health food stores and supermarkets. Did you know that you can easily make them at home, allowing you to have healthy and scrumptious snacks at any given time or day, and also enabling you to stretch your shopping budget?

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Some of the easiest to make in your very own kitchen and with your own hands are parsnip chips!

Prior to checking out the trouble-free recipe for it below, let us first take a look at parsnips as well as the many different health benefits that you can enjoy for including them in your diet on a regular basis.

It cannot be denied that parsnips are some of the most eye-catching vegetables on the planet. They’re shaped like carrots, which doesn’t really come as a surprise as they are related to one another. However, parsnips are not orange in color — they are cream-colored, making them appear as though they’re carrots that have seen ghosts!

Aside from their appearance, what make parsnips really interesting are the perks they offer. When you consume these root vegetables on a regular basis, some of the things you can enjoy are:

Lowered blood pressure 

One of the many, many nutrients present in parsnips is potassium. This mineral, according to doctors, is very good at keeping high blood pressure at bay because it dilates the blood vessels. Also, potassium helps flush out excess water in the body that can contribute to high blood pressure.

Regulated movement of the bowels

Because they are loaded with dietary fiber, parsnips can help in keeping constipation from striking. Especially if you pair their consumption with plenty of water and regular exercise, you can be certain that you’re not going to be bugged by constipation.

Increased immunity

Another nutrient that you can obtain from parsnips is vitamin C. Everybody knows that this vitamin slash antioxidant is important for strengthening the immune system, which is something that helps lower your risk of ending up with an upper respiratory tract infection like the common cold and influenza (flu).

Reduced defects in babies 

It’s a wonderful idea for pregnant women to include these root vegetables in their diet as regularly as they can. That’s because they are phenomenal sources of folate, a nutrient that helps ensure the proper development of the brain and nerves of the babies growing in their bellies.

Controlled weight 

Parsnips are also ideal for individuals who are trying to shed off unwanted pounds or stay within their ideal weight. Being low in calories and virtually fat-free, parsnips can make it so much easier for anyone to attain or maintain their desired figure. Their fiber content helps keep at bay cravings.

With so many health benefits offered, it’s obvious that consuming parsnips as regularly as you can is a good idea! Here’s one very interesting way to have them incorporated into your diet: turning them into crispy and mouth-watering chips! So without any more ado, here’s the recipe that’s super easy to follow:


2 medium-sized parsnips 

3 to 5 tablespoons of olive oil 

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Sea salt 

Ground black pepper


-Before anything else, get your oven preheated to 150°C, which is equivalent to 300°F. 

-Thoroughly wash your parsnips under running water and peel. 

-Using a sharp knife, carefully chop parsnips into thin slices — the thinner, the better! 

-If you have a mandoline slicer lying around in your kitchen, you may use that to make things a lot faster. 

-In large mixing bowl, combine olive oil, a little sea salt and a little ground black pepper. 

-Toss in the sliced parsnips and mix very well. 

-Neatly place parsnip slices on a lined baking sheet. Make sure to do so in a single layer only. 

-Bake for about 25 to 30 minutes, or until the slices of parsnip are already lightly browned and crispy. 

-Place the baking sheet on a wire rack. Serve once already cool.

Here’s a great tip: the next time you make a batch, try adding a little of the herb of your choice like thyme or rosemary.

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