Easy DIY Tricks To Make Your Eyes Pop

Your eyes are the most noticeable part of your face. They speak for themselves even without you uttering any words. They are full of emotion; thus, a look into your eyes can reveal your true feelings. They show how happy, sad or frustrating you are by merely looking at your lovely peepers. Even the state of your health can be discovered through your eyes.

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If you are sleep-deprived, your eyes will definitely show it. To give your tired looking eyes an instant boost, here are the easy do-it-yourself tricks you can do to make them pop.

Icy cool eyes

  • Have you noticed your swollen eyes after waking up? Hide those tired looking eyes by putting a bag of ice wrapped in a flannel over your pretty peepers to reduce swelling. You can freeze a tea bag and put it over your eyes to refresh them.

Curl it up

  • Your eyes definitely need the help of your eyelash curlers to open up your eyes as well as to make your lashes look longer. An alternative to eyelash curler is a spoon. Just follow these easy steps in making your lashes curl using a spoon.  Rinse the spoon with warm water to provide a little heat. Dry it, ensure that it’s too hot and grip the handle firmly. Put the edge of the spoon on top of your lashes and your thumb directly below. Gently clamp by simply upping the pressure to give your lashes instant lift.

Think white

  • When was the last time you put eyeliner on your lower lash line?  If you have not done for a long time, try doing it. Lining your lower lid with white liner can give your eyes that immediate opening effect. The white eyeliner opens up your eyes and provides instant brightening boost to your beautiful eyes.


  • The major enemy of our eyes is dark circles. They make the skin beneath the eyes look dull. They make our eyes look small. Hide those bags with a concealer. Choose the ones that cover those dark shades in our eyes and brightens that areas, too.

Double Up

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  • Here is another clever tip to open up your eyes. Work brown mascara on lower lashes and a black gloss on top to create contrast. Doing this double duty eye routine will make your eyes look bigger and lashes elongate.

Let there be light

  • To give some light to tired and weary eyes, place highlighter in three key spots. Tap it on the center of the lids, hook around tear ducts before putting it below the brows to give an instant lift.
  • You can also work it with balm or oil as these products provide skin a more dewy effect, using a lighter hand.

Brush up

  • Don’t forget your brows. Brushing up your brows, helps transform our eyes. Get a spool or dried up mascara and gently tease strands up. It does not only elongate the eye area but also leave you with more eyelid space.

From black to blue

  • A brilliant trick to open up your peepers is to switch black eyeliner to a vibrant blue liner, as this brightens the whites of the eyes to reveal healthy, sparkly effect.

Intensify hue

  • In applying shimmering eyeshadows, put intensity to your eyes by using warm, damp brush. The pigments will look more vibrant and the finish is dewy that lend eyes a little brightening boost.

Maximize your mascara

  • This eye-opening trick will amaze you. Get the mascara wand as close to the root of your lashes as possible. Wiggle it up in a back-and-forth motion, instead of just sweeping out.

Sparkle like jewel

  • Try jewel tone eye makeup. According to a professional makeup artist, the combination of purple, green, blue and gold hues look good on everyone and they are less harsh than black and grey.
  • With the use of a dense brush, deposit color on your lid from lash line up to your crease, using small back-and-forth strokes. Go with another brush and apply a slightly darker hue on the outer part of the lid, blending slightly into the crease.
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