Easy Exercises That Help Exorcise Stress

Avoiding stress is quite impossible most especially in this day and age. Other than doing your best to limiting the stressors you encounter, you may carry out certain tasks that are known to help reduce stress. Some wonderful examples include having a massage or bath. Painting, writing, reading and music listening are excellent stress-busters too.

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You may also perform certain exercises that are proven to reduce the impact of stress on your mind and body as well as to help you bounce back from its various negative effects. Exercising also helps take your mind off your problems and worries, and, if possible, it’s especially effective if you listen to some music or do it with an exercise buddy!

Currently, stress may only leave you feeling tired mentally and physically. Little did you know that stress is slowly wreaking havoc inside you, and the ill contributions of it on your health usually show up only when it’s too late to avoid them!

So if you are looking to get rid of stress and at the same time burn excess calories, keep your heart and lungs in a great shape, and maintain the health of your bone and joints, read on. The following are some of the simplest exercises that you may perform on a regular basis to help you combat stress as well as enjoy optimum overall health:


This is a wonderful stress-busting exercise for several different reasons. First, the various positions help relieve muscle tension. Second, it promotes deep breathing which is very good for eliminating tension. Third, it makes you focus on what you are doing, and this helps take your mind off from anything that stresses you.


Just like yoga, pilates helps ease stress by causing your mind to concentrate on the positions you have to do and maintain, thus making you forget anything that worries you. As a bonus, this form of exercise helps strengthen your core muscles. Pilates is also known to help neck and back pain, which is commonly an effect of being stressed.

Tai Chi

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It’s actually an ancient form of Chinese martial arts, but it involves slow movements instead of fast ones that may only leave you more stressed. Tai chi is comparable to meditating, but your body is in motion and linked to your breathing. Aside from very good at combating stress, this form of exercise is also superb at improving balance and promoting sleep.

Ballroom Dancing

Since you are focusing on the steps and timing, your mind is momentarily taken away from anything that is causing you to feel stressed. Ballroom dancing not only allows you to deal with stress effectively, but it also lets you lose excess calories and become graceful. Experts also say that this may help reduce your risk of dementia.


Believe it or not, something as simple as walking for 20 to 30 minutes a day can help ward off the terrible effects of stress on your body. It promotes deep breathing and eliminates tension in your major muscle groups, such as those in the legs and core. Especially if you go outside rather than use a treadmill, walking is very good at combating stress.


It may seem that gardening is not capable of doing a lot, but it is actually a form of low-impact exercise. This means that it helps reduce stress and strengthen the circulatory and respiratory systems. All the digging and pulling also tone the muscles. The sight of your garden flourishing can relieve tension and put a smile on your face.


Because you need to be with somebody in order to play badminton, you connect with another person and this is very good at easing your stress. Since badminton is a vigorous type of sport, playing it on a regular basis helps you get in a great shape. It is also very good for your joints since all the impact promote stronger bones.

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