Easy tips on How to Apply Blush for Different Face Shapes

Blush – a natural sensation that happens in our face when a sudden rush of heat or change of temperature happens in our cheeks. It turns the cheeks light pink to red.
It isn’t natural to have a natural blush all the time, but having it those make you look good. So the answer to that was makeup. Blush on or blush can be found in liquid, cream and powder form. It can even be sprayed on, but that is not what we are here to discuss.

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Blush when applied right can help complement facial features and structures. It can help accentuate highlighting and contouring.

Use this simple chart below to determine how to apply blush on different face shapes:

Diamond- Shaped Faces
Diamond-shaped faces should not apply blush under the cheek bones or on it. This will make the face look longer. Apply blush on top of the cheek bone to create dimension. Apply a horizontal swipe from the apple of your cheeks to your ear. Blend it out to your temples to soften the face.

Square-Shaped Faces
To soften up the features of the face apply blush directly on the apples of the cheeks. Doing this will soften the strong angles of the face. Avoid swiping horizontal blush on contours. Use a circular shape when applying makeup.

Heart-Shaped Faces
Heart shaped faces tend to have a strong and angular jaw. Apply blush under the cheekbone, where you normally would apply contour. This will help balance out the face. If you are applying contour, apply below the blush and blend well.

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Round Faces
Break up a round face by creating angles. Suck in your cheeks and sweep under the cheekbones. Apply it where you would normally apply contours. Apply contours and blush in a triangular shape when faced with a round face.

Oval-Shaped Faces
Apply blush on top of the cheekbones towards the ear. Blend it down to your sides and jaw. This will help define your jaw and cheekbones.

Long Face
Breakdown the length of the face by applying it past the apples of the cheeks under the pupil to the side of the cheeks under the eyebrows. Apply it in a circular shape and thickly. This will reduce the length of the face.

The thing about faces is it is never fully symmetrical. One cheek can be higher than the other or one jaw can be rounder than the other. If you notice that your other cheek is rounder than your other side, try to apply a longer streak of blush on the rounder side. This will give the illusion that it is symmetrical.

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