Why You Should Eat Drumsticks or Moringa Pods

If you are into super healthy foods, then it’s very much likely that you are well-aware of the benefits that moringa leaves offer. Did you know that the tree from which these leaves are harvested also bear pods that are just as nutritious? They’re called drumsticks because they kind of look like drumsticks. Some people refer to them as moringa pods.

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Regardless of the name, it cannot be denied that drumsticks are good for you. Inside those tough-looking pods are seeds the size of peas, and they’re surrounded by a fleshy pulp. All of the parts of drumsticks are edible — including the pods themselves as they become tender once cooked.

They are commonly added to soups and stews in countries where the moringa tree is native to, such as those in Asia and Africa. In order to prepare drumsticks for cooking, they are thoroughly washed and dried. Afterwards, the tips are trimmed and the pods are then chopped into pieces that measure anywhere from 1 to 2 inches.

So why should you get your hands on some drumsticks and add them in your diet each time you have the chance to do so? Well, here are some of the best reasons why:

They Detoxify Your Body

Just like moringa leaves, drumsticks are also very good at purifying the blood. The consumption of these tropical pods can help facilitate the elimination of poisonous substances circulating your various systems. It’s exactly for this reason why drumsticks are superb at easing various skin problems that toxin-filled blood brings.

They Help Control Blood Sugar

Are you a diabetic or you’re told by your doctor to be careful because you are at high risk of developing it? Then make sure that you include drumsticks in your diet as regularly as you can. That’s because these healthy pods help in controlling levels of sugar in the blood, thus saving you from various complications.

They Boost Your Immunity

Consuming drumsticks on a regular basis helps make you less susceptible to infections such as the common cold and flu. Since moringa leaves are loaded with vitamin C, it doesn’t come as a surprise why drumsticks are also superb enhancers of the immune system. Drumsticks possess antimicrobial properties, too, say nutrition experts.

They Promote Oral and Skin Health

Vitamin C found abundantly in drumsticks is also important for maintaining healthy gums, which is essential for keeping your pearly whites strong. Vitamin C is a major role player in the promotion of healthy skin, too. Since the nutrient encourages collagen synthesis, it also helps defy aging — it makes your skin free of fine lines and wrinkles.

They Provide Energy

Rich in B vitamins, drumsticks can give you the energy you need to engage in all sorts of activities, physical and mental alike. Various B vitamins such as niacin, pantothenic acid, thiamine and pyridoxine all help turn carbohydrates into energy. In addition, B vitamins help keep your nerves healthy and functioning very well.

They Keep Your Eyesight Sharp

Another nutrient that you can obtain from drumsticks is vitamin A. It’s exactly for such reason why adding these pods in your diet on a regular basis can help keep your eyesight intact. Medical experts say that a diet that’s rich in vitamin A helps lower one’s risk of eye problems that can lead to loss of vision.

They Enhance Your Wellbeing

Other than the ones that are already mentioned above, there are so many other nutrients in drumsticks that help you attain optimum health. For instance, they supply your body with bone-strengthening calcium and anemia-fighting iron. Drumsticks also have copper that maintains various tissues, and zinc that regulates the effects of stress.

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