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Eat These Foods to Enjoy a Tan Naturally and Safely

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The sun can make your complexion look gorgeous. However, it can also increase your likelihood of having skin cancer and considerably speed up the aging process of your skin. What’s the point of being spotted with a sun-kissed glow if you are battling deadly skin cancer and you look 10 to 15 years older?

Instead, you can get your hands on an excellent indoor tanning lotion or cream or hit the nearest spray tanning salon. Or you can simply add certain foods to your diet that are known to give you a tan sans the sun.

So if having skin cancer and premature skin aging signs is a definite no-no, don’t worry because you don’t have to be seen with a pasty complexion for the rest of your life — simply consume the following foods on a regular basis because plant pigments in them can actually improve the color of your skin:


Because they are so versatile, you are not going to have a hard time serving carrots on the table regularly. Raw or cooked, these orange-colored root vegetables are so easy to love. Other than leaving your complexion looking sun-kissed, carrots also help keep your vision sharp and your eyes free of diseases.

Sweet Potatoes

It’s also a wonderful idea for you to include sweet potatoes to your diet if you want to look tanned as well as stay in the pink of health. Loaded with fiber, potassium and B vitamins, it cannot be denied that sweet potatoes can help you attain optimum health as well as a stunning complexion.

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The color of cantaloupes is just as bright as the sun, and it can also make your skin glow just like the sun. Cantaloupes are in season during summer, which is the perfect time because their sheer availability can spare you from the need to bake under the sweltering sun and increase your risk of skin cancer and premature skin aging.


Because it’s just as lovely to the eyes as a cantaloupe, it doesn’t come as a surprise why a pumpkin can also make you a complete stunner. And by the way, a pumpkin is very low in calories and very high in fiber, making it an excellent weight loss food. Thanks to a pumpkin, you can wear a skimpy bikini with much confidence!


A lot of people simply hate kale. But if you are a beauty-conscious person, you will surely fall in love with kale in an instant. That’s because plant pigments in it can actually help give your skin a tan-like coloration. Other than making you look awesome, kale can also help you stay healthy if you eat them regularly.

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One more leafy green that is detested by many is spinach. Don’t follow suit most especially if you are willing to turn your back on the sun but not tanning. According to experts, adding spinach to your diet as often as possible allows you to sport a sun-kissed glow without actually allowing your skin to be touched by the sun.

Red Bell Peppers

Don’t worry because red bell peppers won’t leave your skin bright red and painful just like what usually happens if you accidentally stay under the sun longer than you should. Red bell peppers can give you pale olive skin that’s so irresistible, depending on how religiously you include them to your diet.


Finally, you may regularly eat tomatoes and tomato-based food products if you like to sport a tan without actually bathing in the sun. But other than making your complexion look amazing, tomatoes also help reduce your chances of having skin cancer and many other types of cancer, thanks to their lycopene content.

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