Eat These to Cure Nausea

Putting something in your mouth may be the last thing you want when you’re feeling sick in the stomach because of that menacing urge to vomit. However, did you know that consuming certain foods can actually be beneficial if you are having a bout of nausea? It is especially a good idea to eat these foods in small amounts only. Definitely, you should steer clear of anything that comes with a strong aroma as it can make your nausea worse. So without further ado, here are some of those that you may consume in order to beat that nausea of yours:

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Make sure that there are crackers within your easy reach if you’re the kind of person who is always at risk of nausea. Starch in crackers helps absorb much of the stomach acids that contribute to your uncomfortable problem. Crackers are particularly good at easing nausea that strikes in the morning — munch on a couple of them before getting off your bed.


Fiber found abundantly in apples can help sweep out toxins in your body that leave you feeling queasy. Gala apples are most especially recommended by experts in putting an end to nausea. Most certainly, you should consume apples a little at a time. If you are having a hard time digesting solid foods at the moment, you may opt for apple juice or applesauce.


We all know that nuts are rich in protein, and that’s what makes them beneficial for people who are suffering from nausea. Compared to most other protein sources, nuts are easy to digest so they won’t harm your stomach. If you want, you may also slowly snack on a spoonful of peanut butter to supply your body with much-needed protein.


Especially if you have been vomiting due to nausea, consider snacking on small amounts of banana at a time. This tropical fruit is rich in potassium, a mineral that helps ward off dehydration. In addition, banana is one of the most recommended foods for those with nausea and other GI issues who want to ready themselves for the consumption of other solids.

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The undeniably tart taste of lemon makes it very good at easing nausea. Some people place a wedge of lemon in their mouths to combat that feeling of sickness in the stomach, while others slowly consume a glass of lemon juice. Lemon is so effective against nausea that even something as simple as taking a whiff of it can work excellently.

Ginger Tea

So many people swear by the potency of a cup of freshly-brewed ginger tea in easing nausea. Others reach for a glass of ginger ale instead. Gingersnap cookies as well as a piece of ginger chew or candy can also work wonders. This does not come as a surprise as ginger is one of the most well-known home remedies for nausea and other digestive issues.


Don’t like the taste of ginger tea? Opt for plain water instead. Water is very good at flushing out toxins in the GI tract that induce nausea. It also keeps you hydrated, thus preventing one of the most common symptoms of nausea — a nagging headache! Make sure that you take small amounts of water only until you feel that you are ready to chug more of it.

Chicken Broth

Here’s one tasty cure for nausea — chicken broth! Worry not if you don’t have the time to prepare it in the traditional way because something that’s out of bouillon cubes also works wonderfully against that queasiness you have. It is a good idea to make your chicken broth as low in fat as possible because fat is something that can make nausea worse.

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