Eating Chocolate Can Stave Off Bowel Cancer, say Scientists

Chocolate has been scientifically known to boost the mood, increase antioxidant levels and lessen signs of depression. Now, chocolate can prevent bowel cancer.

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Cocoa beans are mostly harvested in West Africa and other tropical countries. Cocoa beans are full of good nutrients and minerals. It contains different health benefits like cancer prevention, detoxification, increased in heart health, better skin and more.

Cocoas are filled with natural antioxidants that remove toxins and free radicals in the body. Eating sugar free cocoa can also help lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Patients that are said to eat at least a serving of cocoa a day had lower risk of heart disease.

According to study eating a small amount of cocoa a day can lessen chance of getting bowel cancer.

Bowel cancer starts from the large bowels and may end to rectal or colon cancer. The size it occupies will depend on the severity of the diseases

The Science and Technology Institute of Food and Nutrition in Spain conducted a study on the relation of cocoa to bowel cancer. According to Dr. Maria Arribas the head researcher concluded that food like cocoa or foods that are high in polyphenols are essential to protecting the body from diseases.

An experiment was done on Lab Rats. These rats were exposed to bowel cancer tumors. The rats were divided by two. The two groups were exposed to an azoxymethane a carcinogen used to promote colon cancer. A few weeks on the carcinogen both groups developed cancer lesions and intestinal cancer.

The first group was exposed to a diet of cocoa and the other another type of antioxidants. The group that was exposed to cocoa showed a significant improvement. It lessens the lesion and cancer cells in the rats.
Further research is needed to distinguish the benefits of cocoa in human patients.

According to Sarah Williams, the spokesperson for Cancer Research UK does not advice over consumption of chocolate because of its negative side effects. Chocolate is high in calories and fat. It can increase weight and blood sugar level.

Obesity can increase the risk of bowel cancer. So, limit the amount of chocolate you take in and opt for sugar free chocolates.

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