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Eating Healthy On a Budget

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Organic and healthy food aren’t the economical items on the market. You can find a pack of unhealthy processed foods for the same amount of a piece of fruit. Saying that people that don’t eat healthy aren’t making the effort to actually eat healthy is wrong, some people just have a hard time adjusting their food budget to expensive healthy ingredients.  Some healthy diets and recipes require all natural and organic ingredients that may burn a hole in your wallet. The price of eating healthy is not cheap, but like they say “if there’s a will there’s a way”.

Eating healthy on a budget is challenging task, especially when processed and unhealthy foods are easily accessible and are marketed in a much cheaper price.  These processed foods are more economical for a reason. These items are massed produced in the market, they contain artificial flavors and preservative to make them taste “real” and make them last longer. These items are far from natural and have content in them that damage the body. Processed foods are high in sugar and sodium.

Eating healthy is learning to differentiate quality from quantity. Teaching yourself to go for the healthy option will be difficult at first, but with a little tweaking in the budget and some healthy eating budget tips; you are well on your way to healthy living.

Eating Healthy on a Budget

1. Fresh Produce

–      Buy fresh produce that is currently in season. Produce that are not in season cost a lot more than when they are in peak. Buy bulks of these produce and learn the art of freezing, this will allow you to have the ingredient on hand any time of the year.

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2. Couponing

–      Who doesn’t like coupons? Coupons can save you a lot of money on food. Learning the art of couponing will be difficult at first, there are so many great sources of coupon that it can be overwhelming. The more you get into couponing the better you’ll understand how it works. People that use coupons can save up to 50% to 100% on sanitation items and food. This will allow you to stretch your budget on more expensive and healthy food.

3. Healthy Recipes around the World

–      Learning different healthy recipes around the world will open up your palate to different cultures and ingredients. Indian and Mexican recipes depend on on inexpensive, hearty ingredients.

4. Buy in Bulk

–      Buying in bulk may appear to cost you more money, but it actually saves you more. Buying a sack of rice instead of a kilogram of it will save you money and lessen your trips to the market. Don’t buy in unrealistic amounts, think about how many people are there in your home and how much you can consume in a month or less.

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5. The Number One Rule of Grocery Shopping

–      Never go grocery shopping with an empty stomach ever! Shopping before eating your meal will make you more prone to buying in excess and picking out food that satisfy the eye and cravings. Stay away from the processed food section of the grocery store to prevent temptations.

6. Good Bargains

–      Find out the bargain deals in your local market and grocery. Make the most of these bargains and try checking out local ethnic markets.

7. Growing your Own

–      If you have the space and time, why not consider growing your own food. Planting fruits, herbs and vegetables in your yard can save you a lot of money.

There are different ways to eat healthy on a budget. Learning your way around the grocery store and finding good deals can save you lots of money. Find generic healthy products that aren’t too heavy on the budget. Go to your farmer’s market and get cheaper produce than in big grocery stores. A little effort into eating healthy goes a long way.

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