Edible Pot Health Benefits and Sample Recipe

Edible pot is one of the healthy foods people have today. Also known as hyacinth bean, it is usually added to various meal recipes, such as vegetable recipes and soup recipes. The following are the health benefits of edible pot, along with a sample recipe.

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Health Benefits

One health benefit of edible pot is fiber, considering that it is a vegetable. Fiber is a substance that acts as a sweep, helping the body get rid of unwanted agents like toxins and free radicals, which cause diseases like heart disease and cancer. Also, fiber helps decrease bad cholesterol level in the blood, preventing cardiovascular disorders like hypertension, atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, heart failure, and stroke. It also adds bulk and roughage to the stools, allowing easier and faster elimination; this way, digestive conditions like constipation, hemorrhoids, and diverticulitis will be prevented. Too add, fiber promotes digestion and metabolism, consuming excess energy and promoting fat and weight loss.

Brain Health

Another health benefit of eating edible pot is promoting a healthy brain function. According to Health Benefits Times, the vegetable contains copper, which has a pivotal role in maintaining brain pathways like dopamine and galactose; as per the publication, these help preserve a person’s focus, mood, and outlook. It is added that low copper levels are associated with inability to focus, fatigue, poor mood, and reduced metabolic activity. Moreover, edible pot has magnesium, which boosts the sleep, lowers levels of cortisol, and increases melatonin levels. As per the publication, evidence-based data also reveal that magnesium supplements decrease cortisol levels and insomnia symptoms, along with enhanced sleep onset, sleep time, and sleep efficacy.


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Eating edible pot also helps breastfeeding women. According to Vitamins Estore, Kenya’s Kikuyu tribe uses hyacinth herb to improve lactation in breastfeeding women. As per the publication, the new mother’s daily diet usually include a lot of boiled and mashed Hyacinth beans. It is added that the flowers of the plant can bring menstruation in women who have irregular menstrual cycles and manage abnormal vaginal discharge, along with gonorrhea. Thus, lactating women who want to improve their breastmilk production and secretion may consider eating edible pot for meals.

Sample Recipe

One recipe that uses edible pot is Hyacinth Bean Curry. According to Eat the Weeds, the ingredients include a cup of peeled and soaked hyacinth beans, two onions (chopped), three tomatoes (chopped), two tablespoons coconut paste, half ginger paste, half teaspoon garlic paste, half teaspoon fennel seeds, one teaspoon chili powder, one teaspoon coriander powder, one-fourth teaspoon turmeric powder, one tablespoon oil, two to three curry leaves, coriander leaves, mustard seeds, and salt.

To prepare, as per the publication, the coconut paste and fennel seeds are put in a blender. Next, oil is heated and the mustard seeds, ginger paste, turmeric powder, garlic paste, and onions are added. After that, the onions are sauteed until they become translucent. Once done, the tomatoes are added and stirred. Next, the tomatoes are added and stirred while salt is added to taste. Once the onions and tomatoes are fully cooked, the coriander powder and chili powder are added to the mixture. Next, the peeled beans are added and fried well. Following five to seven minutes, the coconut, fennel paste, and water are added to the mixture. The food is covered with lid and allowed to cook for ten to 12 minutes. Finally, the chopped coriander leaves are added after the beans are well-cooked.

Edible pot is considered healthy, with its numerous health benefits. Thus, it can be added to various meal recipes, allowing health promotion to groups of friends and families.

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