Effective Exercises You Can Do Outside the Gym

Who needs a gym when you’ve got the living floor all by yourself? Really, would it not be great if you can afford all those fancy exercise equipment at the gym or the monthly membership it entails? Well, as good as it sounds, the reality still remains—not everyone can afford the fees, ergo, not the best option for a whole lot of people. And since weight loss and healthy living in general requires a lot of exercise, then it’s high time for you to find effective exercise activities that can be done outside the confines of a gym.

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Going to the gym can sometimes be taxing to people. Others can manage to pay the membership dues, unfortunately, what they lack is time to actually “hit” the gym for some exercise. So to aid those who are in need of fun and effective exercises without going to the gym, then here are some suggestions:

1. Walk around.
Yes, this can be done especially if the weather is ultra nice. Walking is considered as low-intensity cardio workout; it burns calories and in doing so allows you to lose weight overtime. It helps tone your legs and doesn’t cost you any extra money. So the next time you to want to go somewhere nearby, do yourself a favor—skip the car and just walk. Not only will this move lessen your carbon imprint in the environment, it will also help you maintain a better and healthier body.

2. Do some push-ups.
While not categorized as the “most loved” amongst all forms of exercise, doing push-ups can provide you with better-looking and stronger arms and upper body. And yes, you don’t need to go to any gym for this. It’s hard but it’s going to be worth it.

3. Jumping jacks.
Loved being a kid? Well jumping jacks are always fun and certainly relieves memories of childhood. Frankly, probably every child in the world has done a jumping jack at least once in their life. Jumping jacks are a great cardio workout, doesn’t need a lot of space, and can keep your blood pumping all over your body in a very good way.

4. Crunches
If you want to build your core muscles, then doing massive sets of crunches is the way to go. You don’t need to go to a fancy gym to achieve this; the floor (and a mat, if you have one) will suffice.

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5. Do some leg lifts.
Leg lifts can do some miracles for your legs and thighs. It will tone and strengthen your leg muscles giving you a shapely pair of legs. Bend them slightly if you find it difficult to do exercises with them straight.

6. Do Squats
If you want firmer buns and legs, then squats are your best bets. Remember that repetition is the key. You may find it hard to do at the beginning, but then again, everything improves with practice; gets easier over time.

7. Jog in place.
Yes, no need to go outside. Jogging in place can provide you with a complete workout. Just get your music player and headset on and start jogging to your favorite beats. Stationary jogging can make you work up some real sweat and is a great cardiovascular activity. It allows your heart to pump faster allowing a fresh supply of oxygenated blood to reach your cells, making you feel more alive and energized.

8. Dance
It doesn’t matter if you really know how to dance or not, what matters is you’re trying the entire activity altogether. Dancing is therapeutic for a lot of people. It provides a release for pent up energy and stress. It’s fun, enjoyable and can make you sweat tons too.

9. Try Light weight lifting.
Lifting weights can tone your muscles, and no, you don’t need to buy any expensive equipment for this. You may use whatever you can find available in your home. If you’re a beginner, start with light items first like canned goods and work your way up to heavier items as you go along.

10. Do step exercises.
They do offer these at gyms as a form of group intensity workout. Again, if you can’t go to the gym, well there are alternative ways you can do this. Go eye that stairs and traverse it up and down for a couple of times. Just remember to be careful not to slip and avoid any accidents if you can. This exercise set can help tone your legs too and makes for a good aerobic exercise.

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