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Effective Home Remedies for Food Allergy

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Some food cause severe reactions in the body. Some reactions become fatal especially when the respiratory system is affected. Here are some items popularly used as effective food remedies against allergic reactions. 


Peanuts are among the foods that cause the worst reactions. It affects breathing that becomes fatal at times. Roasted peanuts are recommended to be used.

Beverages to Avoid

Tea, coffee, and cola should be avoided together with other preserved food products. For severe measures, bakery products must also be excluded from the diet.


Pasteurized milk is highly recommended to be safe from allergic reaction to milk. They whey that milk contains triggers an allergic reaction to some people.


Half boiled eggs are common triggers of allergic reactions. The threat of this allergen in eggs are eliminated by thoroughly cooking eggs.

Carrot Juice

Mix beet juice or cucumber juice along with carrot juice to help prevent allergic reactions. This is one common treatment against allergies.

Taking some time to refrain from drinking juice done regularly promotes the restoration of the immune system’s function. Tolerance to allergens and regulation of the body’s system results from this activity.


Some yoga stances are helpful in keeping the body at optimum health against allergies.


Acupuncture provides the balance in the body and the treatment of symptoms triggered by allergens.

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Vitamin E

An effective home remedy for allergies is Vitamin E. Its anti-allergen properties benefit the body as an effective source of relief when faced with severe reactions.


A glass of lukewarm water with half a slice of lime squeezed is another remedy for allergic reactions. You may add honey to taste and for an added anti-bacterial effect. Drink this solution for a couple of months. This helps the body to get rid of the toxins in the body.

Castor Oil

Take half a cup of water mixed with five drops of castor oil and drink on an empty stomach, preferably, every morning. This is an effective measure to treat allergies, especially those allergies triggered by food.


Banana has been the most common cure for allergies. It treats symptoms such as the occurrence of stomach pain and rashes on the skin.


The remedies in this list are convenient to have when allergic reactions occur.  They are among the most common home remedies used.

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