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Effective Home Remedies to Lighten Black Knees and Elbows

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Pumice Stone

The dead cells of the skin are removed with a pumice stone. Rub it gently against the dark skin.

Natural Oils

This helps the skin to retain the moisture and remove the darkness. You can apply some olive oil or coconut oil to reduce the darkening of the skin and its dryness.

Bleaching Fruits

The bleaching properties of fruits get rid of the darkening of the skin.

Use Moisturizers

Avoid the dryness of the skin with moisturizers. This in turn will keep the skin from darkening.

Use Sunscreen Lotions

Exposed parts of the skin are protected from the harmful rays of the sun with sunscreen lotions. Moisturizers after shower applied on elbows and knees help in lightening the skin’s color.

Aloe Vera Gel

Take an aloe vera gel, apply t skin and leave it for an hour to get the skin fresh looking on the knees and elbows. It is also great for keeping the skin moisturized and stop the dryness of the skin that leads to darkening.

Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter

These act as good moisturizers to make the skin soft and smooth. Dry and flaky skin do not stand a chance when these are applied to the skin.

Exfoliating Brush

Use this brush also called as loofa, to get rid of the dead cells from the elbows and knees. This is best used after a bath. Scrub in a circular motion.

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Olive Oil

Take some warm olive oil and rub it on the elbows and knees for ten minutes.

Do this daily. It has natural beaching properties that make the skin soft. Friction and dryness cause the skin to darken. Olive oil is a cheap remedy for this.

Gram Flour and Lemon

Mild exfoliation is provided by gram flour while lemon acts as a natural bleach that aids in the skin to lessen darkness.

Lemon and Honey

Honey is a great moisturizer and lemon acts as the natural bleach. Together, they help the skin to be healthy and upbeat. Application of the mixture of lemon and honey is a surefire way to keep your skin glowing.

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