Embarrassing Questions About Underwear

Underwear is something we are all too familiar with. It’s an article of clothing that we need for every day. But as simple as it seems, underwear can be a bit complicated. There are a lot of factors we need to consider. Underwear is something that we wear around a sensitive area and it requires a clean environment to remain healthy. There are also a lot of things we aren’t as open to talk about. There are embarrassing questions that we tend to put off because we are ashamed to ask anyone. This is completely understandable. To put you at ease, other women experience them too. Here are the top embarrassing questions and answers about underwear.

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Skid Marks

Are skid marks normal? This can be an embarrassing question, but is something that a lot of us experience. Yes, it is normal. Though, it should not be a natural occurrence. Skid marks are created due to bad hygiene. Not wiping correctly will lead to skid marks. If this happens to you a lot, make sure that you clean your private area thoroughly before putting back your underwear. This can be bad for your health. The bacteria from the stain can reach your private area, making you more prone to infection. Skid marks are more likely to happen if you are wearing a thong.

Discharge Stain

Discharge stains are completely normal, but it can leave permanent marks in your underwear. Discharge can vary from clear to white colored cream. It is difficult to remove and can at times ruin your underwear. This is sometimes due to the acidity level of your discharge. This can bleach your underwear causing permanent stains. The best way you can treat discharge stain is to avoid it from staining. Once you notice a discharge in your underwear wipe it away immediately. You can use a brush to scrub out the stain, but do not brush delicate fabric. Spray the stain with cold water and detergent.

Is Wearing a Thong Bad?

Thongs can be really convenient. It’s small, easy to pack and great for tight fitted dresses. However, there are a lot of studies that prove that wearing things are bad for your health. This is due to the thin fabric that rises from your genitals to your butt. This string can make you more prone to bacteria. The fit of the thong also makes infection and bacteria a lot easier to spread out. Thongs can also affect the pH levels in the genital area. Wearing it a few times a month won’t affect your health, but using it every day is unhealthy for your skin and private area.

Is It Better to Go Underwear Free?

Going out without underwear free can feel uncomfortable and nerve wracking for people that are used to wearing underwear. A lot of people find it weird when people say they prefer not to wear underwear. Though, not wearing underwear can be good for your health. Your private area is sensitive and needs time to breathe. Being suffocated by fabric all the time can make it prone to bacteria and infection. Going commando can actually reduce the chances of you getting UTI and other infections.

Can Your Underwear Cause Odor?

Depending on the situation your underwear can cause odor. If you wear underwear for very long periods of time, this can cause bacteria to breed in the area causing unpleasant odors. Using underwear, you used at the gym for the rest of the day can also cause odor. Anything that creates a damp and warm environment in your private area can cause a foul odor in the genital area. Prevent this by keeping your underwear, clean and dry. Change underwear when you sweat on it and as much as possible, change your underwear every 2 days.

Underwear is important for our hygiene. We hope this answers were able to help you make choosing and understanding your underwear a lot easier. Learn to take care of your underwear. Find out the best way to clean each fabric and which type would best suit your needs. Going commando or not wearing underwear is a great thing too. Skipping the underwear when you sleep can help air out the genital area. This will help reduce infections and balance our pH levels.

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