How Emotion Affects Your Look

There are a lot of factors that can affect our looks. Hygiene, the environment, our genes, the products we use, what we eat, our lifestyle and so much more. Did you know that your emotions and how you cope with them can play a huge role in your appearance? How exactly can your emotions affect your looks? Read on below to find out more.

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It’s all in the Hormones

When we were in our teens, adults will tell us that our breakouts or acne are caused by puberty and are eventually going to grow out of it. Yes, it is true that most of the breakouts we experience during this age is caused by the sudden surge of hormones due to puberty. However, this is not the last time you will face these hormones. Our body will naturally create these chemicals throughout our life. There are some instances that our body creates more of these hormones that it can affect our appearance. From getting acne, dry skin, pale complexion and even skin irritation.

Anger or Anxiety

Anger and anxiety will increase our stress levels. This can cause a huge difference to our normal hormone levels and change in body temperature. This can cause sudden skin irritation such as hives, rashes and some patches of red and painful skin. People that are often affected by anger or anxiety are more likely to have sensitive skin and will be easily triggered for other types of ailments and skin problems.

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Stress can greatly affect our skin. It can make us produce more oil in our hair and skin. This will also make us more prone to acne and clogged pores. Stress can also reduce healing time for wounds and blemishes making you more prone to scarring. Stress can also cause dandruff, limp and lifeless hair and pale skin. Sadness can also cause these problems. Some people even experience hair loss or dark patches on their skin if they are triggered from a traumatic experience or undergoing an incredible amount of stress.

Positive Emotions

Emotions such as happiness, excitement and so on can also affect your looks in a positive way. Happy emotions cause the body to produce more happy chemicals. These happy chemicals can affect our skin by giving it a natural glow and can give it a suppler and smoother appearance. These chemicals can also help improve healing, reduce oily skin and can even reduce sensitivity. There is also a big difference in how we carry ourselves when we have these positive emotions. We tend to give off a different vibe and have better posture.

Emotions clearly affect how we think and look. An important key factor to reducing our skin problems is managing our emotions. Some people are unable to handle stress in a healthy manner, excessive drinking, picking of the skin, consuming foods that are high in fat and sugar and so on. You can help reduce stress and help improve your appearance by relieving stress, anger, sadness in a more positive way, such as working out, painting, meditating and going to the spa.

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