Enjoy Relaxation With Sugandh Mantri Essential Oil

Its aroma is so pleasing that it is commonly employed for attaining relaxation. However, there are many other health benefits that this Indian oil is known to bring, from boosting the immune system to relieving pain.

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Sugandh mantri essential oil comes from the crushed roots of a plant that’s native to India. The botanical name of the said plant source is homalomena aromatica, but everyone refers to it as pavonia, fragrant pavonia or fragrant swamp.

The various names of the said plant serve as testaments that sugandh mantri essential oil has a very pleasing aroma. The way it smells is undeniably exotic, which is on the rich and spicy side of things but also with a hint of floral tones.

It’s the fragrance of sugandh mantri essential oil that makes it very popular among essential oil lovers all over the planet. A lot of aromatherapy experts out there commonly blend it with sandalwood and rosewood essential oils, although it’s something that can be used on its own. For topical use, it is usually diluted with carrier oils.

Now that you know sugandh mantri essential oil better, it’s now time for us to take a look at the health benefits that this volatile oil from India offers. Some of the most impressive ones include:

Reduction of Stress

One of the most popular uses for sugandh mantri essential oil is for lowering stress levels. In this day and age, it can be extremely challenging to lead a stress-free life. Luckily, there are many ways to combat and reduce stress, and some of the most amazing of the bunch include the use of aromatic oils such as sugandh mantri essential oil.

Elimination of Anxiety

You may also count on the phenomenal fragrance of sugandh mantri essential oil each time you are feeling anxious. Taking a whiff of it is usually enough to lower your anxiety. This essential oil from India is so effective at calming the mind that it’s also commonly employed for meditative and spiritual healing purposes.

Alleviation of Insomnia

If you are having a difficult time getting some much-needed Z’s at night, you may place a few drops of sugandh mantri essential oil on your pillow or fill your bedroom with its fragrance using a diffuser. Unlike sleeping pills, this essential oil can help you spend time in dreamland without leaving you feeling like a zombie the following day.

Improvement of Immunity

Traditional healers in India also commonly employ sugandh mantri essential oil for boosting the immune system. It works on various levels, and one of those is by reducing stress. The fragrance also helps in lifting the mood, and numerous studies have shown that there is actually a link between the mood and immune system.

Lessening of Cold Symptoms

Sugandh mantri essential oil may also be utilized for relieving the various symptoms of the common cold as well as other infections of the upper respiratory tract. For instance, a few drops of this volatile oil may be placed in a basin. The steam produced should be inhaled in order to relieve congestion of the nasal passages and airways.

Relief of Aches and Pains

Once diluted with carrier oils, sugandh mantri essential oil may be massaged on muscles and joints that are achy and stiff. That’s because this Indian essential oil with an unforgettable fragrance has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, making it beneficial for those with gout, osteoarthritis and rheumatism.

Using sugandh mantri essential oil for therapeutic purposes is best done with the help of a certified aromatherapist. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or diagnosed with a medical condition, inform your doctor beforehand.

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