Enjoy a Shapely Behind Without Doing a Single Butt Exercise

Do you want to have a traffic-stopping behind but don’t like to do those butt exercises that bore you? Well then get your behind off that seat and start doing more of these everyday physical activities that can give you a shapely derrière:

Have a Walk

Something as simple as walking can actually make your behind the envy — or the talk — of the town! It’s no secret that walking is one of the best exercises on the planet because it’s perfect for people of all ages and fitness levels. Muscles in your legs are not the only ones that are worked out when you walk, but also the ones in your butt.

Take the Stairs

If you want to do a butt exercise that is easier than squats or lunges but a little more challenging than walking, then climb the stairs. Ditching the elevator or escalator each time is not only good for your heart, but also your buttocks. And when you feel that burn on your behind after a few flights, you can tell that climbing the stairs works!

Swim Away

Experts say that swimming is a wonderful exercise because it’s easy on the joints. Did you know that it is also a phenomenal workout for your back end? Especially if you grab a kickboard and leave all of the hard work to your lower extremities, you can expect for your gluteus maximus to get all the exercise it needs to look more awesome.

Ride a Bicycle

Bicycling can get you from one place to the other. It’s also something that can make a lot of heads turn towards your direction. That’s because riding a bike helps tone the muscles in your butt. The more you take your bike for a spin, the lovelier the shape of your derrière becomes. Also, bicycling is a highly effective cardiovascular exercise.

Do Skating

Putting on a pair of skates is fun and exciting, and it also gives you a more attractive behind. Whether you prefer roller skates or inline skates, using them more often can help you have the figure of your dreams. It’s also a wonderful idea to try your hands at ice skating. Skiing is another activity that can make your buttocks look great.

Use an Exercise Ball

We all know that sitting for long periods of time is bad for your figure and overall health. To counter some of the ill effects of sitting from 9 to 5 in front of a computer, try sitting on an exercise ball once in a while. This is something that helps tone the muscles in your backside, giving you an image- and confidence-boosting behind.

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