Escape These Hair Mistakes That Makes You Age

Most women do many styles and colors to their hair. Little did they know that they are committing style mistakes that actually make them look old?

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We compile the biggest offenders women make with their crowning glory.

Hair offender #1: Too extreme cut

  • If you are donning a bold cut or color of your hair, it adds years to your age. Professional hairstylist notes that if you want to keep your style changing, you do not need to follow or be a slave to trends.

Make it right: Search for photos of celebrities with your same age who sport a great hair. Show that particular images to your hairstylist.

Hair offender #2: Too long tresses

  • Too long hair can pull your features down. It is alright to have a long tresses but don’t part them at the middle. It gives you shapeless locks.

Make it right:  Consider donning a choppy bob that sits below the collarbone. Asymmetrical style or less-than-perfect shape deflects attention away from wrinkles.

Hair offender #3: Too short hair

  • Some women believe that if they get older, they should don shorter locks.  However, this does not apply to all as professional hairstylists believe that cut and style of your hair is still a consideration than the length.

Make it right:  If you prefer short hair, keep it slightly shaggy. This will make you look modern and maintaining it will be easy. Layered haircut is appropriate too, since it does not fall in your face. Remember that your hair should frame your face in a soft way.

Hair offender #4: Too tight ponytail or bun

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  • Some women put their hair together, making into a tight ponytail or nice bun. They perceive that such styles will make them look young. What they did not know is that these styles draw attention to every line and spot seen on their faces.

Make it right: Keep your ponytails soft by letting some pieces of your strands fall around the face. You can opt for half ponytail. Making half of your hair up while the remaining half is down works well to make you look youthful. Pull pieces off the side of the face and pin them back.

Hair offender #5: Sporting the same hairstyle for years

  • If you are keeping the same hairstyle or cut for 20 years, it is time to make a change. You should not stick only to one same style. Yes, they looked good on you in the past years, but that did not mean that the same style is appropriate at present.

Make it right: Whenever you want to update your look, always ask the honest opinion of your trusted hairstylist. They know what is best suited your age and style.

Hair offender #6: Monotone hair color

  • No matter what your hair color is – black, brown, blonde, red or gray, if it is one solid color, it makes you age more. Monotone does not work on anyone as it looks like a wig.

Make it right: Professional hair stylists suggest bringing three pictures of your preferred hair color and three pictures of hair color that do not suit your taste. Show them to your colorist. Treat them like your interior designer. He or she will express which colors suit better on you. Different sections of your hair will pick up different amounts of color, giving it dimension.

Hair offender #7: Wrong color choice around your face

  • Your hair color should be placed strategically to show its youth and beauty.

Make it right: Hair color should be brightest around your face and on top. Hair underneath should be darker. The bright colored hair makes your face appear warm and youthful and it mimics the variations that happen naturally.

Hair offender #8: Split ends

  • No matter what your hairstyle you are donning at, if you have split ends, it will never look good and it makes you appear old. According to a professional hairstylist, the quality of your hair is equally essential as the cut and style. Frizzy, frazzled and damaged ends will never look good on anyone.

Make it right: Get a regular trim every six to eight weeks. You can use serum to protect your ends from heat-styling damage, retain hair hydrated and tame frizz.

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