Essential Oils Perfect for Long Drives

A long drive is already a stressful experience in itself. If you’re out there during rush hours, you can expect for your stress levels to skyrocket! Grabbing a cup of coffee just to stay awake and have all the energy you need to push through the ordeal is not really the best solution out there. It can leave you feeling even more stressed, potentially endangering you, your passengers and everyone else around you. Sniffing on essential oils is a much better idea as it helps douse your stress while leaving you attentive behind the steering wheel.

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It’s no secret that different essential oils have varying positive effects on both mind and body. The volatile compounds they have get rapidly to the bloodstream via the respiratory system. Once there, those compounds are capable of altering the mood and even causing physiological changes. This is the reason why it’s not unlikely for a number of essential oils to constantly appear on listings of home remedies for depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia and other issues.

Not all essential oils are suited for driving. For instance, some of them can actually encourage relaxation and sleep, making them very inappropriate for drivers! The ones beneficial for you while taking long or stressful drives are the ones capable of reducing your stress levels while at the same time giving you alertness and better concentration.

Before we tackle some essential oils perfect for long drives, let’s first discuss how you may utilize them while you’re trying to get from point A to point B. First, you may get your hands on a car diffuser. Some car diffusers these days are operated by batteries. There are also air fresheners out of terra cotta that helps diffuse essential oils throughout your trip. You may also place a few drops of essential oils in a small glass bottle if you cannot obtain a car diffuser. Make sure that it’s glass as plastic containers tend to react with certain essential oils.

Second, you may simply add a drop or two of essential oil on several pieces of wipes, then sealing them in a zip-top bag. If you like to sniff on an assortment of essential oils, group your wipes in several zip-top bags and label each one of them. When you feel that you could use some aromatherapy in the car, simply reach for the right plastic bag.

Here are some essential oils that can help long drives become safer and stress-free tasks:


This is something that can keep you mentally alert as you get to your destination. Sniff peppermint essential oil when you are feeling hot or nauseous in the middle of a humid day stuck in a traffic jam.


A whiff of rosemary essential oil can lower your stress levels without leaving you drowsy. What’s so good about it is it also helps you make the right decisions quickly, which can help in keeping you safe throughout the journey.


The smell or orange essential oil can make you feel alert and lift your mood — perfect when you’re stuck in heavy traffic. It’s also something that can help ease carsickness.


Just like orange, this essential oil with a citrus-y scent can help combat stress and keep you wide awake. Have a whiff of it if a headache or fatigue strikes while you’re in the middle of driving.


It’s the perfect essential oil when you need some uplifting while behind the steering wheel. Lemongrass essential oil is also very good at masking unpleasant smell in the car.


A lot of drivers swear by the effectiveness of cinnamon essential oil in zapping headache and fatigue. Go ahead and have a whiff of it to remain focused on the road.


Do long drives often leave you feeling fatigued and depressed? You can count on basil essential oil to keep you energized and lift your mood. It also helps keep your mind and body free of stress.

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