Everyday Activities That Burn a Lot of Calories

One of the easiest way and most proven ways to make sure that you maintain your weight or lose a few pounds is to burn more calories than you consume. With this in mind, it does not mean that you have to slave away at the gym to make sure that you burn your calories. What we do every day since we wake up burns calories. Some activities we do can burn a small amount and some can burn you up to 200 calories. Check out some of the most calorie burning activities you probably do every day.

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Shopping or Going to the Market

We don’t technically go to the market or shopping every day, but we do have to shop a few times a week for different reasons. Pushing your cart and walking through the mall with your bags can burn up a lot of calories. It is also a great practice to take a lot longer grocery shopping and get accustomed to reading nutritional labels. The workout doesn’t stop once you finish shopping, you still have to take the item to your car, unpack and home and organize.

Wiping Furniture

Doing a quick wipe on your shelves, tables and counter can help burn you more than 100 calories in an hour. Try wiping your furniture every day to remove dust. Not only will this help keep you active, but this can also help with keeping your lungs healthy. For a bigger workout, try cleaning the windows all over your home.

Ironing and Hand Washing

Ironing is a great workout for your arms and body. Half an hour of ironing can burn about 75 calories and hand washing small items can burn the same amount of calorie. Hand washing bigger and heavier items such as pants or shirts can burn a lot more calories.

Folding Clothes

Laundry day can help you burn a lot of calories. Carrying heavy laundry through the laundry room and separating them can help burn 30 to 40 calories. Folding your clothes can burn 70 calories for half a minute. Putting away the folded clothes can also burn a lot of calories.

Prepping and Cooking

We eat almost every few hours a day. Three full meals and snack in between. This can help give us the needed calories we need to do our day to day activity, but prepping and cooking can actually burn a lot of calories depending on what you are making. If you are simply putting cereal in a bowl, you won’t be burning much. Taking the time to actually chop, prepare the table, cook the food and clean up burns a lot of calories.

We can’t go to the gym every day and burn off all the calories we consume. It is also unhealthy to work out every day since our body needs time to heal. It is also good to know that we are not going to gain weight immediately after eating since you didn’t work out. Everything we do, every day burn calories. This is also a great thing to know for people that don’t really have time to go the gym. Enhancing what you do every day can help increase your calorie burn! Instead of simply folding your clothes try swaying side to side while folding, sweep your floor while listening to music to add a few dance moves to your normal routine and so on.

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