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Everyday Habits That Can Leave You With a Headache

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Are you prone to having headaches? Before you start to panic thinking that you have meningitis or brain tumor, keep on reading this article. Below you will come across everyday habits that are scientifically proven to cause headaches — some of them may be the ones responsible for your frequent bouts of them.

The minute you come across a habit that you are fond of doing, quit it ASAP. It may be the one you need to save yourself from having to take painkillers all the time.

Don’t forget to repost this article afterwards — you may have family members and friends who are pestered by headaches all the time, and the culprit could be one of the everyday habits mentioned below.

Using a Computer for Hours on End

Regardless if you sit in front of a computer for work-related reasons of your pleasure, it’s something that can surely leave you with a nasty headache each time. According to scientists, using a computer for 5 hours or more can lead to headaches due to eyestrain as well as tension in the neck and shoulder muscles.

The solution to it is simple: get a much-needed break every now and then. Even something as quick as a 5-minute break is enough to save you from ending up with headaches.

Failure to Drink Enough Water

Are you drinking about 2 liters of water every single day? If not and you are regularly experiencing headaches, then it may be the one to blame for your recurring ordeal.

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Your brain is approximately 75 percent water, scientists say. If you fail to drink enough water per day, your brain can actually shrink and has to work a lot harder just to get its various important tasks done — such is what can cause those terrible headaches to strike. In short, something as simple as staying hydrated can keep headaches at bay.

Being Stressed

There is no denying that high levels of stress can leave you experiencing terrible headaches. According to doctors, tension headaches are the ones that normally bug stressed individuals. Quite frankly, tension headaches can be quite annoying because it’s not just your head that it makes achy, but also the back of your neck and your shoulders.

By the way, it can be a vicious cycle because stress can cause headaches and headaches can increase stress. It’s very important to manage stress effectively if you want to put an end to those frequent bouts of headaches.

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Having Anxious Thoughts All the Time

If you are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, then it’s very much likely that some of the worst physical symptoms you may be experiencing a lot of times are horrible headaches.

Experts in mental health say that failure to manage anxiety can lead to complications, many of which can definitely keep you from having a normal life. It’s a good idea for you to look for ways to relax each time you have anxious thoughts. Certainly, it’s recommended for you to consult a therapist or psychiatrist.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Do you like partying all night long? Do you spend time checking social media until the wee hours of the morning? Do you suffer from insomnia because of stress or anxiety? If you answered “yes” to any one of these questions, then don’t be surprised if you suffer from headaches frequently. Lack of sleep can actually cause them.

Make sure that you get 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. Something as simple as going to bed early can make a huge difference. There are also plenty of home remedies for insomnia that you may try.

WARNING: Still it’s important to seek the help of a doctor if you constantly suffer from headaches.

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