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Everyday Habits That Worsen Psoriasis

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There are OTC medications available for psoriasis especially when it’s acting up. However, if you want to keep it from striking then your best defense is to have your lifestyle and diet modified.

In this article, we will talk about some everyday habits that can make your psoriasis worse. Needless to say, avoiding them allows you to have smooth-sailing days that are free of flare-ups.

Feel free to share this article on your various social media sites after checking it out most especially if you have some family members and friends who suffer from psoriasis, too, so that they may quit committing the following:

Being Always Stressed

Stress is definitely one of the most well-known causes of psoriasis flare-ups. Having a flare-up can leave you even more stressed — evidently, stress can easily create a vicious cycle that you may have a hard time breaking.

It goes without saying that it’s a good idea for you to identify everyday stressors that you may be able to dodge and then dodge them with all your might to fend off high levels of stress.

Also, especially at the end of a really exhausting day you should engage in some stress-relieving activities — it’s practically impossible for you to run out of a stress-lowering pursuit to try every single time.

Smoking Cigarettes

Are you a smoker? Then it’s not unlikely for your psoriasis to bug you all the time. Thousands of toxins found in cigarette smoke can cause inflammation to strike — psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition.

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Needless to say, just about any habit that can cause inflammation (just like cigarette smoking) is bad for anyone who is suffering from psoriasis.

Besides, it’s not just psoriasis flare-ups that you may end up with if you keep on smoking, but so many other terrifying health problems. It’s no secret that this unhealthy habit can increase your risk of lung cancer and heart disease.

Drinking Lots of Alcohol

Just like cigarette sticks, alcoholic beverages are flooded with toxins that can cause inflammation to come into being. Drinking alcohol especially in excessive amounts can aggravate psoriasis.

But there’s another reason why alcohol can cause flare-ups: it has diuretic properties that can leave the skin dry — skin dryness is something that psoriasis sufferers should avoid having at all costs if they wish to dodge flare-ups.

Unfortunately, drinking alcohol in moderation won’t do — if your psoriasis seems to get exacerbated after consuming even small amounts of alcohol, then it’s a good idea to avoid alcoholic drinks completely.

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Eating Fast Food

Fast food is yummy and easily accessible. Sadly, it’s also something that can make it trouble-free for your psoriasis to ruin your day — anything being offered at a fast food joint is bad for your psoriasis.

Such can be attributed to the fact that fast food is loaded with ingredients that can trigger inflammation within.

By the way, aside from fast food you should also turn your back on any food product that’s processed — many of the ingredients in them can worsen psoriasis and also increase your risk of battling all kinds of health issues sooner or later.

Using Harsh Beauty Products

Last but certainly not least, allowing your skin to come into contact with anything that contains harsh chemicals can certainly cause your psoriasis to act up and pester you for the next few days.

The goal is to keep skin irritation from striking as it can provoke your psoriasis to make its presence known. Skin dryness has to be avoided as well as it can certainly leave you itching all over — scratching is a no-no for psoriasis sufferers.

When shopping for everyday cosmetic products, see to it that the items you are about to place in your shopping cart are completely devoid of anything that can cause irritation and dryness.

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