Everything You Need to Know About Belly Button Plastic Surgery, a Beauty Trend This Year

Everyone is doing all the planks and crunches that they can just to make their bellies look flattering. One of the most important cosmetic features of the midsection is the belly button. This year, a lot of women are undergoing the knife just to make their belly buttons look more attractive.

There is a cosmetic procedure for just about any part of the body that can be aesthetically improved, and the belly button is now part of the long list.

If you’re interested to know more about belly button plastic surgery, keep on reading — this article will dish out some of the most important things you need to know about this trend. Don’t forget to share this on social media afterwards to get your beauty-conscious family and friends acquainted with it, too.

People have a variety of reasons for wanting to have their belly buttons altered surgically, and the most common of all is they simply don’t like the way their belly buttons looks.

According to cosmetic surgeons, belly button surgery comes in 3 types:


Basically, it’s all about changing the size of the belly button. A belly button that’s too big can be made smaller, while a belly button that looks smaller than usual can be made bigger, although it’s a lot trickier to do than the other way around, according to cosmetic surgeons themselves.

An umbilicoplasty is commonly performed on new moms as pregnancy can put a lot of stress on the belly button. It’s also suitable for those who are not happy with their belly button piercings.

Umbilical Hernia Repair

Is your belly button what’s referred to as an outie and you are sick and tired of your family and friends making fun of it? Then you may choose to undergo umbilical hernia repair.

But other than being cosmetic in nature, this type of belly button surgery has medical benefits, too, in particular among people whose outie belly buttons are accompanied by some form of pain or discomfort. So if you have an outie belly button and it’s something that hurts, then you’re a good candidate for an umbilical hernia repair.

Classic Tummy Tuck

Those who have lost a lot of weight and women who just had children are the ones that usually opt for a tummy tuck. In this cosmetic procedure, the belly button is also involved to make it look as natural as possible. As surgeons eliminate excess skin and fat tissues (as well as repair abdominal muscles in certain cases), the belly button is also reshaped to make it match an abdomen that’s flatter and tighter.

When undergoing a tummy tuck, the patient has to expect that it’s very much likely for the cosmetic surgeon to also perform a belly button surgery to make the result look flawless.

Thanks to the existence of belly button plastic surgery, there is no need for you to keep your belly button from everyone’s view all the time because you are not pleased with its appearance.

But just like any other form of cosmetic procedure out there, having your belly button repaired or enhanced surgically does not come cheap. For instance, in the US a belly button surgery costs an average of $2,275 — and that can go higher especially if you opt for a cosmetic surgeon who is sought after by celebrities. And as expected, there are certain risks and side effects that can come with getting your belly button altered aesthetically.

Needless to say, belly button plastic surgery is not for everyone. If you don’t want to spend a fortune and put up with certain risks and side effects, stay away from this trending procedure.

Willing to pay the price for wanting perfection? Then look for a board-certified cosmetic surgeon in your city with years of experience in performing belly button surgery.

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