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Everything You Need to Know About Cooking and Eating Chili Peppers

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Peppers have brought a whole new spice to the world. Its many varieties have triggered a quest for the hottest pepper by those who have been fascinated by it.

Besides the heat it produces, its flavor has specialized many dishes and delicacies. Whether cooked or eaten raw, peppers have brought an added life to normal dishes.


Jalapeno is the bomb of hot chili. One can get serious heat just by going for the seeds and the pith. Discard them if you opt for a milder dish. Slice and use as an add-on to tomato salads and scrambled eggs.


A little sweeter but capable of producing similar heat as the jalapeno, fresno comes in hot-read color and pointy end. As a great condiment for sandwiches and drilled products, chop finely and mix with a pinch of salt and rice vinegar.


Despite its thinnesss, serrano is firm and extremely spicy. For a spicy, fiery topping, mix into mayonnaise by dicing it. To have the level of spiciness you wish to get, being with seeding the serrano. Add seeds to increase heat as needed.


Habanero is added to stews like posole. Get a piece of habanero and put it in a pot of stew. Remove it when the desired level of heat has been obtained. Make sure to use gloves when cutting it. Habanero is searing hot and comes with an aroma and flavor that come with tropical fruits.

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Poblano can be eaten raw but is advised to be cooked. It is a low-heat kind of pepper that cane be tolerated by everyone in the family. It is best roasted and added to beans prepared for a taco filling.

Add spice to your cooking by taking one of these peppers and adding it to your dishes and condiments. Determine the right kind of spiciness for your palette. There are as many dishes as there are many varieties of pepper. Make cooking with pepper your next project.

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