Everything You Need To Know About Headache

Most of us experience a bad headache at least once in our life. A lot of medication, natural remedies and techniques have been created to treat headaches. What do you know about headaches?

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Here is a list about everything you need to know about headaches.

Types of headaches

Chronic daily headache

–     People who have chronic daily headaches have a history of migraines. It can be caused by overuse of pain medication

–     One out of twenty people suffer from chronic daily headaches

–     This usually affects the temple area of the head

Cluster Headache

–     This headache usually happens in a target area, like the temples and the eye.

–     This is a very rare headache only half of the population.

–     It can cause nasal congestion and eye tearing.

–     Use acute or preventive medication.

Sinus Headache

–     People who suffer from migraine experience nasal congestion  and sinus headaches

–     Ninety percent of Sinus headache sufferers are diagnosed with migraine

Migraine Headache

–     Most people who suffer from headaches are diagnosed with migraine

–     Twelve percent of people who have recurring headaches have migraine.

–     Tension or stress can trigger migraines

–     The World Health Organization has declared migraines as he 19th problems causing disability

–     Reduce migraine with over the counter medications, rest in dark room, hot or cold compress, massages or prescription medication.

Tension Type Headaches

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–     This is the most common type of headache.

–     It can be caused by tension or wrong positioning of the neck.

–     The pain can start from the forehead to the back of the head and the neck.

–     Use medications like acetaminophen, ibuprofen and aspirin


–     90% of people have suffered some type of headache.

–     75% have episodes of headaches

–     50% Have suffered severe headache

–     25% have consistent and periodic severe headaches

–     12% of people suffer from migraine

–     4% of people suffer from chronic daily headache

Eight Easy Remedies to Cure Headaches

–     Ice pack

–     Moderate Exercise

–     Water and other Hydrating Drinks

–     Small Meals

–     Hot showers

–     Pressure point massages

–     Dietary Supplements

–     Rest and relaxation





These are everything you need to know about headaches, use this information and tricks to cure and prevent headaches. Share this list to help inform other people about it too, and you’ll never know how life changing it can be.




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