Everything You Need to Know About Toe Jam

Have you heard of toe jam? No, you won’t come across it on the same aisle as peanut butter, honey, strawberry preserves and others. Even though it’s just as gooey as these popular supermarket products, you won’t find toe jam in a jar. Where you will find it is right between your toes.

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Unfortunately, you won’t stumble upon a lot of helpful pieces of information about toe jam on the internet. You might, however, easily come across tons of pictures of it, all of which can leave you retching.

If you’re interested to know some really important matters about this mysterious stuff, keep on reading. Below you will come across everything you need to know about it. Don’t forget to repost this article on your different social media sites to get everyone acquainted with toe jam, too!

It’s Made Up of Various Things

Simply put, toe jam is debris that tends to collect between the toes. It’s not made up of a single ingredient only — experts say that it usually consists of excess dead skin cells, skin oils, residue left behind by sweat, dirt, grime and fibers from socks. Sometimes there may also be fungal or bacterial organisms in the mix.

Keeping at bay the accumulation of the above mentioned things can be extremely challenging given that the spaces between your toes can easily serve as hiding spaces for all of them.

The fact that your feet are a place that’s almost always dark, warm and moist can make everything worse! Unless you live where it’s always cold, wearing of shoes is optional and the floors are sterile, chances are your feet are going to serve as a factory for toe jam at least once in your life.

Some People are More Prone to Having It

Even though it’s true that practically everyone is vulnerable to having toe jam, experts say that some people are simply more prone to having it than the rest.

If your work entails being on your feet for hours on end, then you are one of those individuals who are at higher risk of collecting toe jam. This is most especially true if your shoes are the kinds that do not permit your feet to breathe properly. Overheating of the feet is something that can easily cause toe jam to form.

Someone who is sweatier is also more susceptible to encountering the gummy stuff in between the toes. The same can be said for a person who is obese or overweight.

Certain Skin Conditions are Contributors

We all know that many health-related problems concerning the feet can be quite gross. Most of them can cause the feet to become smelly, flaky and cracked. Others can make the toenails look disgusting. According to doctors, there are some skin conditions that, when they affect the feet, can easily cause toe jam to form.

Some examples of those are psoriasis and eczema. Both of these skin conditions can cause the formation of excessive amounts of dead skin cells that may end up trapped in the areas between the toes. When they mix with sweat and skin oils and also acted upon by microorganisms in the area, the perfect recipe for toe jam is attained!

It Can Cause More Serious Issues

According to doctors, the presence of toe jam can actually lead to some very serious problems. For instance, a break in the skin near the toe jam can become infected, potentially resulting in cellulitis, a bacterial skin infection.

Especially if you are suffering from diabetes, you have a compromised immune system or you are undergoing cancer treatment, you are at risk of developing cellulitis. If left untreated, cellulitis may introduce bacteria in the bloodstream. Once they are there, they can easily cause a system-wide infection that can put your life in danger.

It’s recommended by doctors for you to always inspect your toes. If you can spot some toe jam, it’s a sign that you should treat your feet more nicely to prevent complications.

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