Exercises for Bigger Upper Body

In the field of bodybuilding and fitness, most people, especially men look forward to have a large upper body. For many people, this means big chest and arms, canon ball shoulders, and wide back. In men, these are the features of a V-tapered physique they want to achieve for them to be more aesthetic.

Size and strength gains can be achieved through the execution of moderate number of low repetition sets, coupled with volume and intensity, according to Men’s Fitness. As per the publication, a blend of five sets of five, six sets of four, and eight sets of three will lead one of a developed upper body gains.

There are multiple programs one can do for a bigger chest. According to Muscle and Fitness, routines for a larger chest include the three sets of dumbbell bench press for 15 repetitions, in conjunction with push-ups of three sets with 20 repetitions; three to four sets of heavy weighted dip with eight to 12 repetitions, along with three to four sets of incline dumbbell flye for 12 repetitions; five sets of cable crossover ladder with eight to 20 repetitions; and 120 repetitions of cable pressdown.

Aside from the chest and arm exercises, the back, shoulders, and traps workout also significant inclusions to a larger upper body. According to Muscle and Strength, the workout routines for the back, shoulders, and traps include five sets of shrugs with ten repetitions, three sets of seated dumbbell press with ten reps, five sets of pull ups to failure, five sets of seated cable rows with ten repetitions, three sets of barbell upright rows with ten repetitions, five sets of clean and press with five repetitions, and three sets of deadlifts with eight repetitions.

For the biceps, one can perform three sets of the seated dumbbell curl, with ten, eight, and six repetitions each set, as Men’s Fitness. This is done properly by sitting on an incline bench or seat with a backrest, holding a dumbbell in each hand. The upper arms are kept steady against the sides as the weights are curled simultaneously while the wrists are rotated outward so that the palms face in the top position. It is then held for a second while the biceps are squeezed, which is followed by a slow repetition of weights back to the starting point.

Aside from the dumbbell curls, other workout routines for the biceps include the barbell eight to twelve repetitions of barbell curls for two to three sets, eight to twelve repetitions of hammer curls for two to three sets, eight to twelve repetitions of preacher curls for two to three sets, and eight to twelve repetitions of cable curls for two to three sets. Rest for two minutes is allowed. According to Muscle and Strength, the bicep workout should be done once a week, with at least five rest days prior to the next bicep workout.

It is important to power-up the triceps in order to boost a person’s strength when doing chest exercises. There are four usual triceps workout routines, according to Bodybuilding. As per the publication, these include the cable push-down with bar, seated triceps press, low cable triceps extension, and lying dumbbell tricep extension.

The cable push-down with bar is viewed as a staple workout for the triceps. It is done by keeping the body up straight while bending from the elbows only and the arms allowed to come up slightly as perpendicular. The exercise should be executed using heavy weights, along with two dropsets, according to the publication. The seated triceps press is considered as a serious exercise for building the mass of the long head of the triceps. While one can go as heavy, the elbows should not flare and should be tucked in tight. The low cable triceps extension is the same to the standard dumbbell kick-back; however, it maintains tension on the triceps while doing the execution. The elbow is kept up while the arm is fully extended.

Along with the aforementioned workout routines for the upper body, best results are achieved if they are integrated with proper nutrition, adequate sleep, and right attitude.

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