Exercises for Six-Pack Abs

Don’t assume that doing countless of sit-ups and crunches are the only things that can help you achieve that washboard tummy of your wildest dreams. While they are definitely effective, doing both of these routines all of the time only increases your risk of hurting your back. It’s also a good idea to incorporate other forms of abdominal exercises into your workout regiment to see results faster as well as to keep back pain and injuries at bay. They are the following:

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Pulling Yourself Up

You can easily purchase a pull-up bar that installs on the upper part of your door. Each time you pull yourself up, remember to cross your feet, place your legs behind you, squeeze your buttock and tighten your abs. Try to pull yourself up repeatedly until you feel that you can no longer do one more properly. Rest and do 2 more sets.

Slamming a Medicine Ball on the Floor

Grab a lightweight medicine ball and hold it above your head. Check that your spine is perpendicular to the floor to ensure a proper upright position. Tighten your abdominal muscles and slam the medicine ball down to the floor. Catch and repeat. Try to do 3 sets, with each set consisting of 20 reps.

Using an Ab Wheel

Drop by the local sporting goods store near you and purchase an ab wheel. It’s inexpensive and it offers a great alternative abdominal workout to everything on this list. Try to roll out until you fail to do so, rest for about 90 seconds and do 3 more reps. Remember to keep your back straight each time and roll out until you feel you cannot do any further.

Doing Pallof Presses

Grabbing a D-handle is necessary for this particular ab exercise. Adjust the equipment to your chest height and pull the handle towards your chest. Much of the work should be done by the hand closest to the equipment. The other hand should be used as support only. Do 4 sets on each side, each set consisting of 10 reps.

Performing Barbell Landmines

For this particular workout for your abdominal muscles, you need a barbell. With one end of it wedged in the corner of the room, lift the other end with both of your hands. Push it straight out of your chest and roll from one shoulder to the other. Perform 3 sets of 10, with a 2-minute rest in between sets.

Doing the Pendulum

Lying on the floor, lift both your legs until they are completely parallel to the floor. While keeping the legs straight, lower them to one side as you twist your hips towards the same direction. Take your legs back to the first position and lower them to the other side. Do 4 sets, each one consisting of 10 reps.

These are some other exercises that can give you the six-pack abs you desire. Don’t forget the importance of proper dieting to see noticeable results in no time!

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