Exercises to Reduce Breast Size

Some women dream of having larger breast. Then there are also women who want to make their naturally large bosoms to be smaller, whether for aesthetic reasons or to free themselves from back pain brought about by having busts that are above average in size.

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The fastest way to have your breasts reduced is by undergoing the knife. While this is the surest way to attain the result you want, there are a few downsides to getting your busts trimmed down surgically. Some of them include pain and nasty scarring. It may also put you at risk of having an infection as well as the complications associated with anesthesia use. Certainly, having your bosom reduced in size via a cosmetic procedure won’t come cheap.

Fortunately for a woman like you who wish to enjoy smaller breasts, there are many all-natural ways to have them reduced in size. They may not yield results as quickly as stepping foot inside the operating room, but many of these solutions do work effectively, according to those who have already tried them.

Since majority of your breasts is made up of fat, exercising can help in giving you the breast size you have always wanted. Doing cardiovascular exercises that melt fat deposits equally throughout your body lets you have your bosom reduced in size. Don’t forget to have the muscles in the chest area worked out as well! As fat in the breasts disappear, you want to ensure that the muscles supporting your busts are toned. The goal is for your breasts to be smaller, not saggy!

Read on if you are on the hunt for some exercises that can help you attain the breasts of your liking. These are some of the exercises you should regularly perform at least 5 times a week:

Brisk Walking

Especially if you have never exercised before, it’s highly recommendable for you to start slowly. The best way to commence your journey to smaller breasts via exercise is by brisk walking. Breathless after just a few minutes? Walk at a normal pace for a few days. Gradually increase the duration and speed until you can brisk walk for 20 minutes almost effortlessly.


When the time comes that brisk walking no longer seems to give the challenge you are looking for, switch to jogging. This allows you to burn even more calories, thus letting you reduce the size of your bosoms at a much faster rate. Remember to invest in a great pair of running shoes for your utmost comfort and safety.


What’s so nice about swimming is it’s a wonderful form of exercise, but without placing a lot of impact on your joints. This is the reason why it is categorized as a low-impact exercise. All the arm movements you need to do to stay afloat or swim not only burns lots of calories, but also tones your chest muscles that support your breasts.


Because it entails moving every part of your body, dancing makes for a wonderful cardiovascular exercise. It’s also what you need to engage in on a regular basis if you want to melt off the fatty portions of your breasts. As a bonus, dancing allows you to trim your legs, abdomen and arms, and enables you to enjoy a more defined behind.

Push Ups

Women who wish to enjoy larger-looking breasts naturally are told to perform push ups. You should do the same if you want to keep your busts from heading south as you attempt to make them smaller. Since doing push ups also tones your chest muscles, it allows you to burn more calories — smaller breasts in no time!

Bench Presses

Grab a pair of light dumbbells and lie on a bench. Bend your elbows until the dumbbells you are clutching are right next to your chest. Straighten your arms as you attempt to take the dumbbells to the ceiling. Bend your elbows once more. Repeat everything 12 to 15 times. Perform one more set to have those chest muscles of yours toned.

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