Experience During and After an Intense Exercise

Our body goes to different changes after an intense exercise. It’s incredible how much our body can actually handle. Our heart beat increases, run out of breath, feel our knee going jelly and so on. As our intense workout start to die down, we experience a feeling of success, of going through an intense experience. The true marks of accomplishing an intense exercise are experiencing these items below. Read on below the different things you experience during and after an intense exercise and why it happens.

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The Urge to Give Up

The first few minutes of your exercise routine are the time where your mind and body is screaming at you to give up. During the beginning of your intense workout, your body sends a signal to your mind that is undergoing pressure. Though, you have to remember that this urge will go away after a few minutes. Don’t throw in the towel and do short countdowns such as 10 minutes till the next workout instead of 45 minutes until this whole workout ends. The shorter the interval is in your mind. The longer you can last in your workout. Never give up unless you are under too much pain.

Out of Breath

As your workout intensifies you will find yourself gasping for breath, heart beating fast and feeling completely out of breath. You start to feel out of breath because your heart and your lungs are going into overdrive. The lungs will quire more oxygen, causing you to be out of breath. The hardest part when you run out of breath is the first five minutes of your intense exercise. Though, there is a sense of relief after the workout when your heart rate starts to go down and you get to breathe deeply. Though, if you start to have difficulties with breathing or experiencing some chest pain stop immediately. Drink a lukewarm glass of water. Avoid lying down and breathe in and out.


This is one of the best things after an intense workout. The beads of sweat all over your body makes working out feel a whole lot better. It makes you feel lighter and makes you feel the intensity of your workout. Every bead of sweat is an evidence of your workout. If you work out at the gym make sure that you wipe away your sweat and in the machines you plan to use. It is incredibly unsanitary to sit down in a machine that has other people sweat. So, to be safe, place a towel or disinfect the machine before using. Even at home, clean your equipment to prevent irritation and bad odor.

Light Headedness

If you start to experience lightheadedness after an intense workout, don’t worry. This can be common for some people. Exercising intensely can send blood all over your body and away from your head. Your brains need blood and oxygen to flow. If you work out intensely the brain won’t acquire as much oxygen or blood. This can then lead to lightheadedness or head rush. If you start to feel this stop immediately and bend over. This will help improve the blood flow to your head. Keeping your brain to your heart will reduce the head rush. If the lightheadedness doesn’t go away after 60 minutes, this may mean something different and would require medical consultation.

Muscle Cramps

This is normal after an intense exercise. Your muscles will undergo a lot during your workout and this may leave you a bit sore in some areas. Though, a little bit of relaxation and protein can reduce the pain. If the pain doesn’t go away after a few days, go to the doctor to get yourself checked. You might have gotten a muscle sprain.


After an intense workout you will experience a big weight off your shoulder and huge feeling of accomplishment. This is one of the best things to experience after an intense exercise.

You will experience all of these things after an intense workout. Some of these things can be incredibly uncomfortable, but as they say “no pain, no gain”. It will hurt during and at times after, but all of this hard work is worth it in the end. Just make sure that you are working out in a healthy manner. If you experience too much pain or retain the pain of working out a few days after, go to a medical professional to make sure that you are not injured in any way. It’s fine to push your body, but don’t push it too much that you might hurt yourself.

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