Flower Power: Common Flowers with Health Benefits

It cannot be denied that flowers can beautify any garden and living space. Did you know that many of the blooms you adore are also very good for your health? No matter if in the form of tea, decoction, poultice or essential oil, the following offer a wide variety of benefits:

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One of the most effective all-natural remedies for stress and anxiety is lavender, be it in tea or essential oil form. It’s also something that can encourage a good night’s sleep. You may also soak fresh lavender flowers in water, which can be used for treating pimples, acne and other inflammatory conditions of the skin.


Aside from being wedding, anniversary and Valentine’s Day staples, roses are actually excellent strengtheners of the immune system, making it effective in preventing cough and colds. Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties, making it superb for making your skin free of acne as well as wrinkles.


For so many years now, traditional healers use chrysanthemum in dealing with various problems concerning the digestive as well as circulatory systems. These lovely blooms are also known to be very good at putting an end to headaches, fevers and even dryness of the eyes.

Evening Primrose

One of the most popular supplements for balancing the hormones is evening primrose oil. Just like what the name says, it comes from evening primrose. When taken in tea form, this common flower can help alleviate just about any problem associated with hormonal imbalance, from hair loss, acne to menstrual cramps.

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Speaking of menstrual cramps, you may also consume a cup of chamomile tea if you are being bugged by it during your period. The said herbal beverage out of an eye-catching flower can also help combat insomnia. Got indigestion? Make yourself a cup of freshly-brewed chamomile tea for relief.


Also sometimes called calendula, marigold boasts of amazing antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. That’s why pounding or boiling marigold in water makes for an excellent home remedy for minor wounds, skin ulcers and any other skin problem that may end up infected and swollen.


Tea out magnolia petals may be consumed to help decongest the nasal passages, which is a common occurrence during a bout of the common cold or an allergy. If you often find yourself being bugged by sinus headaches, you may also consume the said herbal beverage each time.


There are many health benefits offered by safflower oil, and it doesn’t come as a surprise why the flower it came from also has so many perks to bring. Many swear by the effectiveness of safflower in treating menstrual cramps and joint pain. Traditionally, the said flower is used for dissolving blood clots and preventing heart disease.

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