Foods that Can Keep You Hydrated

When talking about keeping ourselves hydrated, water is most likely the first thing that will cross your mind. After all, this is our constant source of hydration. However, drinking water alone can get boring at times. This is why we turn to fruit juices, tea, and sodas to quench our thirst. Sadly, some types of beverages like soda and pre-made juices are high in sugar content which can affect our health.

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Fortunately, we have found foods that are actually rich in water content which can help you keep your body properly hydrated. Do you want to know what foods these are? Here are some to include in your list of foods to eat.

  • Cucumbers. Cucumbers contain up to 95% water which can help you quench your thirst as you would when you drink a glass of water. Aside from hydrating your body, cucumber also contains fiber and vitamin C. This vegetable is not just for making salads only but you can also find plenty of interesting recipes for this one from soups, to dips, to main course meals.
  • Watermelon. Don’t forget to include watermelon in your diet as it is one of the best sources of water. At 92% water content, it is not surprising why this fruit is among the top favorites during the summer. Another reason why you should opt for watermelon is that it contains calcium, salt, as well as magnesium which are important when it comes to keeping dehydration at bay. You can also get a decent amount of vitamins A, C and potassium too.
  • Salad greens. Eating salad greens is one way to keep your weight down as two cups of this food only delivers 15 calories. But did you know that it also contains about 90% water? These greens are also good sources of folate, fiber, vitamin C, and beta-carotene which play important roles in our health. You can have it during lunch or dinner to get some much needed nutrients into your body.
  • Strawberries. Another source of water that you should be adding to your diet is strawberries. This sweet treat not only satisfies your love for sweets but you can also eat it to keep dehydration at bay. Strawberries contain up to 92% water and come with plenty of vitamin C and fiber. Regardless of whether you will be eating them raw or making a summer cocktail out of it, strawberries will definitely help quench your thirst.
  • Yogurt. Most of us associate yogurt with weight loss but did you know that it can also help hydrate your body? Yogurt contains up to 85% water which helps keep your stomach full while ensuring that you have water in your body. It also comes with B vitamins and calcium which are important to your overall health.

As you can see, water isn’t the only option out there to help you stay hydrated because there are several kinds of food that can keep the water levels in your body high. Adding these to your diet will definitely prevent dehydration from occurring.

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