Foods for De-Bloating

We all experience bloating from time to time. It may be because of we ate too much in just a short time or because we are suffering from an inflammation in the stomach because the food that we ate doesn’t agree with us. Whatever it is that has caused bloating in our body, we all want one thing, and that is to de-bloat as soon as possible.

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Fortunately, there are several foods that can help you with your de-bloating needs. Adding them to your diet can help tame the gas building up in your tummy so the swelling will go down. Sounds good? Well, here are several foods to help you with your bloating problem.

Cayenne pepper

A little bit of spice won’t hurt. As a matter of fact, adding that extra kick to your meals can actually help reduce the gas and bloating happening in your tummy. This is because cayenne pepper contains the enzyme capsaicin which is known for its ability to remove any possible gas building up in the gut. It actually boosts the production of digestive enzymes in your stomach so there will be less build up happening.


Cucumber is another food worth adding to your diet as it is high in water content plus it contains enzymes that can help fight off the bloat in your belly. One reason behind this is that cucumber has plenty of antioxidants that can actually beat the bloat. Add this to your salads and you will see a huge improvement to your belly’s size.


This age old remedy has been proven to be effective in dealing with bloating as ginger contains anti-inflammatory as well as antibacterial properties that can eliminate the cause for your bloating. Ginger comes with zingibain which is a type of enzyme that can break down the protein present in the gut that is causing gas to form. You can make some ginger tea with honey to reduce inflammation in your gut and to promote healing as well.

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Another food that will help you fight the bloat is oatmeal. What’s great about this food is that it is high in soluble fiber which can aid the digestive process. And because of this, not only will your digestive system will work properly, but it will also keep your bowels moving so there will be less gas building up.


Bananas are also useful when it comes to treating your belly bloat because it is high in potassium that is known for flattening one’s belly in no time. One reason behind this is that potassium works by regulating the sodium content in your stomach. You can have a banana as snack to keep the bloat at bay.


You should also load up on eating melons when you have bloat because this fruit is mostly filled with water which can help flush whatever toxins or bacteria that may be causing bloat to occur. Eating fruits that have high amounts of water can remove most of the sodium in your body so you will have a flat looking belly in no time.


There is truth in drinking lemon water when it comes to bloating because it has the ability to relieve one’s indigestion. Since the acidic nature of lemon water is similar to our gut, it can help regulate the digestive enzymes in our belly to minimize gas build up. Drinking lemon water can move things along in your gut. 

These are just a few examples of foods that can help with minimizing bloating in your belly. Adding these to your diet can help save you from the constant burping, bloating, and gas build up in your stomach every time you eat.

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